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(1/2 X 19”/2U STANDARD-RACK)
The RPA25 Power Amplifier is very compact and, in spite of its small size, it features appreciated and unique characteristics.
Its inherent noise is extremely low and thanks to the very sharp output low-pass filter, also the amplified noise eventually generated by the transmitter/exciter is kept to a minimum.
The RPA25 allows to operate also with output mismatching: in case of bad antenna or cable-impedance characteristics, the amplifier is not shut-off (as the most part of less-performing amplifiers) but instead the reflected-power coming from the antenna is redirected, by the built-in output-isolator, to its internal dummy-load. This prevents the overloading of the final power-stage and in this way even any intermodulation product and/or noise generation are avoided.
The apparatus can be powered by a wide range of DC powering-voltages, without reducing performances, thanks to the built-in very high-efficiency dc/dc power converter.

Additional information

Weight 4.5 kg

Available in the ranges: ⇒ 300 ÷ 360 MHz or ⇒ 470 ÷ 880 MHz.
Wide bandwidth: ⇒ 12 MHz in 300 ÷ 360 MHz range, ⇒ 25 MHz in the 470 ÷ 880 MHz range.
Very compact unit.
Knob adjustable power in excess of 30W continuous working.
Precise and reliable direct-power and reflected-power meter.
Very low-noise.
Very low spurious generation, even with great output mismatching.
Very sharp and low-loss output filter prevents noise and harmonics generation.
The built-in output-isolator supports up to infinite output mismatching, without switching-off the power, avoiding any interruption of the operations.
Broadcast superlative quality.
Precise internal temperature measuring and surveillance, front-panel read-out and automatic shut-off in case of really extreme operating conditions.
Internal high-efficiency Dc/Dc power converter allows operations in a wide range of powering voltages.
“Broken fuse” alarm Led on the front-panel.
Very easy and friendly to operate.
Exceptional sturdiness and absolute reliability.




Technical Data

Frequency range
the RPA 25 can be supplied for one of the following ranges:

300 ÷ 360 MHz (BW > 12 MHz)

470 ÷ 880 MHz (BW > 25 MHz).

others on request.

Input power
1.7 ÷ 3.5 W.

Output power
20 ÷ 35 W [@ Power-in = 2W], adjustable by front-panel knob.

< -80 dBc (typ. -85 dBc).

In / Out impedance
50 Ohm.

Input VSWR
< 1.2 : 1

Power source
10 ÷ 20 Vdc, negative ground.

Power consumption [@13V]
approx. 4.5 A [@ Power-out = 25 W].

243 x 87 mm (1/2 x 19”/2U standard-rack) x 230 mm depth.

4.5 kg approx.

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