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A studio link transmitter, studio transmitter link, or STL is a special type of equipment used in broadcasting industry. Its work is to send audio or video signals from the broadcasting base to another transmitter that can be several miles away.

Studio transmitter link works for both radio and television stations. Technical experts in radio or television industry know very well how the equipment work, but even for the ordinary person outside the broadcasting base should learn something about the equipment.

The work of a studio transmitter link is important because of the varying topography of the location areas. The best areas for radio or television signal transmission are often on elevated grounds such as mountain tops. Ironically, studios cannot be set on mountains.

A transmitter therefore serves to relay the signals from the studio to the highest point where the antenna is located. This makes it easy for the signals from radio or television broadcasting stations to reach individual units effectively.

Even in areas that are flat, the center of the coverage area may not be next to the main studio. In addition, a radio or television transmitter cannot be located right within the community where people live. That means it has to be located many miles away and a transmitter link must be used to connect the transmitter and the broadcasting base. Studio transmitter links operate on various principles including point to point, or through a special radio frequency. The links can be digital, analog, or a combination of the two.

An expert with technical knowledge better understands the work of a studio link transmitter. However, the machine remains an essential component of a broadcasting industry. Companies engaged in the business of distribution and selling of studio link transmitters should ensure that they provide their clients with genuine equipment that meet the standards required in the industry. With many dealers in the market, it is possible to find dealers with equipment that do not meet industry standards.

Each transmitter link should have the necessary components that enable it to work effectively without interruption. At the same time, buyers of such equipment should work with reliable dealers with genuine products, delivered under warranty. Warranty ensures that the product is of the right quality and even the manufacturer is confident about the quality.

Besides, should the product develop fault while within the warranty period, the manufacturer can cover that defect without asking for money from the user. Reliable dealers of such equipment are available and before you decide to buy, it is advisable to conduct some research online to find out the most reliable dealers in your area.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg


Product can be split into multiple boxes


Ship Separately



Low distorsion 
Low Noise
High Freq. Range   from 1.3GHz to 2.4GHz (10MHz Sub-band)
Easily and quickly programmable
AC Voltage 230V / 24V external Battery 
High frequency stability 
LCD Display


General Specification

Operating voltage
100 / 240VAC

Backup Battery
24.0÷28.0V 1.2A

Max. Humidity

Operational temperature range
-5° to 45°C

Storage temperature range
-40° to 50°C

Output RF connector

Monitor RF connector

430×44, 4x410mm

5 kg

Radio Frequency

Frequency range
1.3 to 2.4 GHz

1300÷1400 MHz

1429÷1433 MHz

1517÷1525 MHz

1660÷1670 MHz

1700÷1730 MHz

1785÷1825 MHz

2367.5÷2372.5 MHz

2440÷2450 MHz

2468.1÷2483.3 MHz

Frequency stability
< 2, 5 ppm

Frequency generation
PLL synthesizer

Modulation type
direct VCO frequency modul. F3

Freq . stepsize

Deviation linearity in all freq. range

RF output power

RF Harmonics products
<-65 dB

RF Spurious products
<-80 dB

RF Input Level
-90 ÷ -10 dBm

Audio Characteristics

MPX/Mono In/Out Level
-1.5 ÷ +12 dBm

Input mono impedance

Input base band impedance
2 KHom

Output impedance
< 30 Ohm

S/N ratio (30-20000Hz rms)
> 70 dB

Modulation distorsion @ mod 1KHz
< 0.2%

MPX input audio level
-3.5 ÷ +12.5 dBm

Aux channel input level
-12.5 ÷ +3.5 dBm

MPX monitor output level
0 ÷ +10 dBm

0/50/75 uS ±2%

Audio freq. response (30Hz-15KHz)
± 0.1 dB



  • Low distorsion
  • Low Noise
  • High Freq. Range   from 1.3GHz to 2.4GHz (10MHz Sub-band)
  • Easily and quickly programmable
  • AC Voltage 230V / 24V external Battery
  • High frequency stability
  • LCD Display



When it comes to quality TEM, (Telecomunicazioni Elettroniche Milano) holds the cup. TEM broadcasting technology company is situated in Binasco, Milano (Italy) and has been creating a legacy since 1977 by a team of specialists in radio communication. Today, TEM is one of the most important players in the international broadcasting field, dealing with the manufacture of different electrical gadgets such as TVs, radios and microwaves. Due to their dedicated team of experts, their technology has evolved to emerge the best in the market. Telecomunicazioni Elettroniche Milano started producing FM transmitters back in 1978. Currently, the transmission is at 40 kW up from 10W, which was the initial output power. All TEM transmitters are completely solid-state with redundant configuration and can be controlled via a remote controller via RS232, RS485 and LAN ports. This offers a wide range of configuration options and flexibility of many connection interfaces. FM transmitters made by TEM come with LD-MOS Technology. This has a direct impact to heat penetration power and enables energy saving by reducing heating time drastically. The production of TV transmitters dates back to 1979, while the first microwave links were installed in 1981 and since today more than 10000 microwave systems were installed in the world. Huge effort has been given to the development of new digital technologies. We supply a wide range of RF systems and RF components for FM & TV transmission such as Filters and Cavities, Combiners and Antenna systems. We TEM supply all necessary accessories (coaxial cables, connectors and adaptors, dehydrators, U-Links, motorized coaxial relays, waveguides and flanges, UPS and AVR) in order to realize complete transmitting systems and assure complete customer needs. We provide also antenna systems solutions and coverage studios, essential for the correct realization of radio and tv stations. We are System Integrator able to provide the most innovative digital FM (DAB-DRM) and TV (DVB-T/T2) solutions.


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