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TEM Opera plus 100W

FM Broadcast Transmitter

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Tech Support
2-Year Warranty


OPERA plus 50-100-300-500W FM 87,5÷108MHz transmitters use amplifiers with 6^ generation LD-Mos technology, practically unbreakable.

The technical solutions adopted by our engineers are focused to assure energy saving (among the lowest) and high reliability. Settings, protections, telemetry are totally microprocessor controlled. The installation and the maintenance of the equipment are respectively very fast and easy.These fully protected transmitters are indicated for use in unmanned stations.


– Wideband circuits amplifiers with LDMOS technology

– Built-in exciter with digital frequency synthesiser

– Stereo encoder,RDS,AES-ABU and Audio change-over built-in

– Automatic fold-back ROS protection

– Fold-back temperature protection

– LCD display to check all operating parameters

– 50W-100W amplifiers in only one heat-sink for highest reliability

– Switching-mode Power Supply – Efficiency >95%

– Sealed duct cooling air with blowers

– Easy removable blowers

– Harmonics filter & directional coupler built-in 1 unit 19” standard rack

– GSM Telemetry & TCP/IP Webserver

– Headphone jack on front panel

General specification

  • Operating voltage:100V ÷ 260V AC
  • Typical Efficiency:> 40% (50W) / >50% (100W)
  • Cooling:Forced air
  • Operating altitude:up to 4000m (13123 ft) over sl
  • Typical Consumption:<120W – < 200W
  • Operational temperature range:-5° to 50°C
  • Storage temperature range:-20° to 60°C
  • Output RF connector:N
  • Monitor RF connector:BNC
  • Dimensions:485x88x480mm / 6Kg

Radio frequency

  • Frequency range:87.5 to 108MHz
  • Frequency setting:in 10KHz or 100 KHz steps
  • Setting mode:By keys on the front panel/Remote
  • Frequency stability:< ±500Hz/year – 0.5ppm
  • Frequency generation:PLL synthesizer
  • Modulation type:direct VCO frequency modul. F3
  • Nominal frequency deviation:±75KHz
  • Deviation linearity in all freq. range:±5KHz
  • RF output power:50-100 W ±0.3dB – Adjustable
  • Internal Driver power:max 10W
  • Harmonics emission:<-70dBc
  • Spurious emission:<-95dBc

Modulation capability

  • MONO (left and right):30Hz to 15KHz
  • L-R & AES-EBU (up to 192KHz):30Hz to 53KHz
  • SCA + RDS:30Hz to 100KHz
  • Composite:Mono or Stereo + SCA + RDS
  • IP Audio:G.711-722 / MP3,WMA,PCM

MPX characteristics

  • Signal input:MPX
  • Composite Input impedance:10Kohm unbalanced
  • Input connector:BNC
  • Input level:Adjustable 0/+6/Variable
  • Audio freq. response (30Hz to 60KHz):< 0,5 dB
  • Modulation distortion:<0.02%
  • Signal to noise ratio:>80dB

Stereo characteristics

  • Signal inputs:Left or Right – AES-EBU
  • Input impedance:600ohm (bal.) or 10k ohm
  • Input connectors:Canon XLR
  • Unbalanced rejection:>40dB
  • Input level:Adjustable (Front/Remote)
  • Pre-emphasis:75 or 50uS
  • Audio frequency response (30Hz to 15KHz):<0.25dB
  • Audio frequency response (19KHz to 100KHz):>50dB
  • Cross-talk between left and right channel:>50dB
  • Distortion at frequency deviation of 75KHz:<0.1%
  • Signal to noise referred at deviation of 75KHz:>77dB
  • Suppression of 38KHz:>50dB

Opera plus 100W Brochure

2 reviews for TEM Opera plus 100W

  1. Andrew Wroblewski

    Utterly amazing piece of kit, and came within 14 days. We were starting to panic, because all other transmitters were just not available for months, and then Dave at transmittersRus, got these wonderful TEM transmitters for us within 14 days. One of the most advanced and solid transmitters ever, with every facility you could ever want. Thanks to Dave at transmitterRus we were able to meet our deadline for our community radio station, otherwise we would never have got started for months. Thanks again to great service and mega advice from Dave.

  2. andy wroblewski

    Life a year later after using the TEM 100 watt transmitter: David at Transmitters ‘R’ Us suggested this wonderful TEM Opera Plus Transmitter for our community radio station Mighty Radio Southport. The thing about Community Radio is you need to stay on the air, and a transmitter failure can put you out of action for weeks. We have had transmitter failures, but NOT with this TEM Opera Plus transmitter. It has worked non-stop for almost a year now, it has never ever let us down. It has had to deal with a very hot summer, freezing winter (in a hut in a church), and just keeps on going. The web interface is easy to use, and so is the RDS interface (using Tiny RDS program supplied), all which can be controlled remotely (due to church access being difficult at most times), and the web control interface is always there for us – sending song titles and program info to the radio text part of RDS is a cinch. With other transmitter makes, the web interface often goes to sleep or crashes. This transmitter has been awesome, and I feel sure that after 12 months of use, this is the one to rely on. The transmitter has even had to deal with a storm damaged antenna and feeder cable, and has survived through it’s excellent protection circuitry, Thanks again to David for suggesting a brand I would have never ever heard of. The Italians certainly know what they are doing when it comes to one of the best and most reliable transmitters.
    Andy Wrob http://www.mightyradio.co.uk

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