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TEM Opera Plus 10W


10 Watt FM Broadcast Transmitter

The TEM 10W FM broadcast transmitters are perfectly suited for low power radio stations, cable TV FM modulators and real estate advertising.

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OPERA plus 10W FM Broadcast Transmitters  use amplifiers with 6^ generation LD-Mos technology, practically unbreakable.

The technical solutions adopted by our engineers are focused to assure energy saving (among the lowest) and high reliability. Settings, protections, telemetry are totally microprocessor controlled. The installation and the maintenance of the equipment are respectively very fast and easy.These fully protected transmitters are indicated for use in unmanned stations.

Additional information

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 56 × 65 × 12 cm
Product can be split into multiple boxes




Ship Separately



General Specification

Operating voltage
100V ÷ 240V

Forced air

Line power
 90-250V AC

Operational temperature range
-5° to 50°C

Storage temperature range
-20° to 60°C Output

RF connector

Monitor RF connector

485×44, 4x625mm

6/8 kg

Radio Frequency

Frequency range
87.5 to 108MHz

Frequency setting
in 10KHz or 100 KHz steps

Setting mode
By keys on the front panel/Remote

Frequency stability
< ±500Hz/year

Frequency generation
PLL synthesizer

Modulation type
direct VCO frequency modul. F3

Nominal frequency deviation

Deviation linearity in all freq. range

RF output power
20 W ± 1dB

Harmonics emission

Spurious emission

Modulation Capability

MONO (left and right)
30Hz to 15KHz

30Hz to 53KHz

30Hz to 100KHz

Mono or Stereo + SCA + RDS

MPX Characteristics

Signal input

Composite Input impedance
10Kohm unbalanced

Input connector

Input level
Adjustable (Front/Remote)

Audio freq. response (30Hz to 60KHz)
< 0, 5 dB

Modulation distortion

Signal to noise ratio

Stereo Characteristics

Signal inputs
Left or Right – AES-EBU

Input impedance
600ohm (bal.) or 10k ohm

Input connectors
Canon XLR

Unbalance rejection

Input leve
Adjustable (Front/Remote)

75 or 50uS

Audio frequency response (30Hz to 15KHz)

Audio frequency response (19KHz to 100KHz)

Cross-talk between left and right channel

Distortion at frequency deviation of 75KHz

Signal to noise referred at deviation of 75KHz

Suppression of 38KHz

Spurious suppression outside band
in according to ETS 300-384


Amplifiers RF broadband technology with LD-MOS
Modulator with digital frequency synthesizer.
Stereo encoder, RDS, AES-ABU Audio and change-over
Protection against increased ROS antenna with automatic reduction of output power (fold-back)
Temperature protection with power reduction (fold-back)
LCD display for control of the main parameters
Amplifiers 50-100W for maximum affidabilitàsu single radiator
Switching Power Supply for maximum reliability and efficiency (SMPS)
Air duct cooling
Fans can be easily replaced
Harmonic filter and directional coupler incorporated
Rack 19" 1 Unit
Telemetry GSM & TCP / IP with Webserver – Headphone Jack




– Wideband circuits amplifiers with LDMOS technology

– Built-in exciter with digital frequency synthesiser

– Stereo encoder,RDS,AES-ABU and Audio change-over built-in

– Automatic fold-back ROS protection

– Fold-back temperature protection

– LCD display to check all operating parameters

– 10W amplifiers

– Switching-mode Power Supply – Efficiency >95%

– Sealed duct cooling air with blowers

– Easy removable blowers

– Harmonics filter & directional coupler built-in 1 unit 19” standard rack

– GSM Telemetry & TCP/IP Webserver

– Headphone jack on front panel



When it comes to quality TEM, (Telecomunicazioni Elettroniche Milano) holds the cup. TEM broadcasting technology company is situated in Binasco, Milano (Italy) and has been creating a legacy since 1977 by a team of specialists in radio communication. Today, TEM is one of the most important players in the international broadcasting field, dealing with the manufacture of different electrical gadgets such as TVs, radios and microwaves. Due to their dedicated team of experts, their technology has evolved to emerge the best in the market. Telecomunicazioni Elettroniche Milano started producing FM transmitters back in 1978. Currently, the transmission is at 40 kW up from 10W, which was the initial output power. All TEM transmitters are completely solid-state with redundant configuration and can be controlled via a remote controller via RS232, RS485 and LAN ports. This offers a wide range of configuration options and flexibility of many connection interfaces. FM transmitters made by TEM come with LD-MOS Technology. This has a direct impact to heat penetration power and enables energy saving by reducing heating time drastically. The production of TV transmitters dates back to 1979, while the first microwave links were installed in 1981 and since today more than 10000 microwave systems were installed in the world. Huge effort has been given to the development of new digital technologies. We supply a wide range of RF systems and RF components for FM & TV transmission such as Filters and Cavities, Combiners and Antenna systems. We TEM supply all necessary accessories (coaxial cables, connectors and adaptors, dehydrators, U-Links, motorized coaxial relays, waveguides and flanges, UPS and AVR) in order to realize complete transmitting systems and assure complete customer needs. We provide also antenna systems solutions and coverage studios, essential for the correct realization of radio and tv stations. We are System Integrator able to provide the most innovative digital FM (DAB-DRM) and TV (DVB-T/T2) solutions.


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