Telos Hx6 Talkshow Hybrid System

Hx6 Six-Line Talkshow System

Give your phones an instant upgrade.

Hx6 is the six-line broadcast phone system that makes your on-air phones sound great, at a price that’s startlingly affordable. An Hx6 in your studio is like an instant audio upgrade for on-air phone calls, whether song requests, morning show phoners, or intensive call-in talk shows. Hx6 works with either POTS or ISDN phone lines, and comes equipped with two advanced telephone hybrids (each with its own independent AGC, noise gate, and caller override dynamics) for high-quality conferencing — the same advanced third generation DSP technology used in the best-selling Telos Hx1 and Hx2 telephone hybrids.

The DSP toolkit in Hx6 is full-featured, to say the least. Telos Digital Dynamic EQ, our renowned adaptive 3-band spectral processor, analyzes and adjusts received audio spectral characteristics so that calls sound smooth and consistent despite today’s wide variety of phone sets and connection types. Adjustable Omnia smart-level AGC with noise gating provides spectrally consistent audio from call to call — even on notoriously tough cellular calls. Caller override allows precision adjustment of the degree to which talent audio “ducks” the caller audio, and feedback reduction functions help eliminate open-speaker howl.

The Telos VSet6 six-line phone controller used with Hx6 is an IP-based phoneset with a large, high-contrast color LCD panel that provides line status and caller information. There’s almost no learning curve; VSet phones work like traditional Telos controllers, with calls selected, held, and dropped in the way to which operators have grown accustomed. Exclusive animated Telos Status Symbol icons show producers and talent at-a-glance line and caller status. If you own Axia AoIP consoles, talent can use on-console controls for faster, more precise phone segments — operators’ eyes never need to leave the console. And for For PC-based call screening, Hx6 comes complete with XScreen Lite from Broadcast Bionics.

With all of these capabilities, you’d expect Hx6 to cost twice as much — but it doesn’t. In fact, you can have an Hx6 for about what you’d pay for some other companies’ “premium” systems.


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