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    Screen Service 5 Watt UHF Gap Filler/Repeater

    5 Watt UHF Gap Filler/Repeater

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    1,843.00 1,386.00
    1,843.00 1,386.00
    List Price: 1,843.00 1,386.00
    1,843.00 1,386.00
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    5 watt Screen Service UHF TV Transmitter/Gap Filler/Repeater

    This is a 5 Watt Gap filler UHF Transmitter for analog (NTSC or PAL system) or digital television TV networks
    This equipment is a complete TV transmitter/repeater that works in both analog (PAL / NTSC or SECAM) and digital (DVBT-T2, ATSC, or ISDBT).

    The repeater receives the signal on UHF channels (from other Tv station) and converts it to a different UHF channel.
    This apparatus is suitable to cover the shadow areas where don’t coverered form main station transmitter.

    To work just needs a receiving antenna of the commercial type (type Yagi) and the transmitting antenna (Yagi or Panel).

    This television repeater provides 5 Watt and can be coupled to a higher power amplifier (100,200,500 watts or more).

    On request we can give any comprehensive equipment: receiving antenna, transmitting antenna, repeater and connecting cables.

    • Rack-Closet
    • 10 Mhz Reference Unit;
    • UHF input filter Unit;
    • UHF channel oscillator /down converter Unit;
    • IF precorrector Unit;
    • UHF channel agile channel Out Up/converter Unit;
    • 5 Watt Power Amplifier Module
    • Power supply/ measurement Unit


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