Sonifex RM-E1B

TheSonifex RM-E1B expansion boards for the Reference Monitor RM-4C8 allow the monitoring of a digital audio stream containing either Linear PCM or Dolby* encoded audio. The RM-E1B has 2 x BNC connectors for S/PDIF level inputs.

Dolby data is decoded and passed to the Reference Monitor as either a stereo down mix or the full complement of individual channels. If the signal is standard Linear PCM, then this audio data is simply passed straight through. The input is re-transmitted with minimal delay, to allow connection to other equipment.

RM-E1B diagram

RM-E1B Diagram


AES/EBU Input/Output75Ω transformer coupled unbalanced I/O
Sample Rates:32 - 48 kHz
Audio Formats:Linear PCM Dolby E (16, 20 and 24 bit) Dolby Digital (16 and 32 bit)


AES/EBU Input: AES/EBU Output:1 x BNC 1 x BNC


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