Solidyne MX2100

The Solidyne MX2100 console incorporates one distribution amplifier for 3 headphones. MX-2100 manages 4 microphone inputs; 3 inputs for dynamic microphones and one input for an internal condenser MIC. The console includes a telephone hybrid for connection to a standard phone line or mobile. It weighs only 600 grams with the battery. The case is made of aeronautic aluminum; with a polished surface that harmonizes with modern cell phones.

  • Rechargeable batteries offer 16 hours of continuous operation
  • Connect via USB to a Notebook in order to achieve full duplex Skype Internet Studio link with little delay, or high quality 30-15.000 Hz audio streaming.
  • Connect to your mobile via Bluetooth for fast and seemless connection to your studio.
  • Use the PSTN connection to link to the studio
  • A steel support allows the use of the console on the table or comfortably hung off your belt.
  • Use the internal microphone of the console, or connect an interview microphone.
  • All types of headphones and dynamic microphones can be used with the MX 2100.
  • Wireless Digital Microwave Bluetooth connection with cell phone. Higher audio quality and operating comfort.
  • The MX2100 has a digital USB connection for connection to a Notebook
  • Does not need additional studio equipment.


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    Solidyne MX2100


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