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    Solidyne D816 Digital Console
    10/12-Channel On-Air Console

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    Product Description

    The Solidyne D816 On-Air console is a landmark in technology for new radio studios with low budgets.  The D816 is the Digital Radio console with the lowest cost in the International market, offering digital USB In/outs and balanced analog in/outs that cover all the needs for the small to medium size radio stations. Production and News studios at large broadcasting stations will find the D816 an excellent solution. All faders are VCA controlled. It includes 3 telephone Hybrids; two for land lines and one for cellular phone.

    All three hybrid channels are able to work in conference, including the cellular phone.

    The console has independent stereo outputs for AIR and Recordings.

    This way you can carry out simultaneous tasks at the same time.

    Four electronic VU-meters of comfortable reading indicate the levels of both outputs.

    The connection of USB ports can be made in one or two computers. The visual indicator informs that the computer has recognized the console. If it indicates C4 there are 4 digital channels. Showing C8 it indicates 8 channels (2 stereo in PLAY and 2 stereo in REC). It has a VU-meter that indicates the microphone compression level, which allows you to have the same sound level for all speaker’s voices.

    ETM-VCA Technology

    Unlike other consoles, the D816 uses indirect control in all the audio channels. That is; the faders do not handle audio, but DC that commands a stereo amplifier of variable gain. The ETM-VCA technology and the use of the new Conductive Ceramic faders gives your radio 15 years of free maintenance operation and eliminates the noise caused by wearing down, even at the end of its life.

    Phantom 48V

    All condenser microphones can be used with the D816, since it incorporates a 48 volts switching phantom power supply.

    Twin MIC preamplifier

    MIC preamplifiers were designed for supporting two parallel MIC’s of the same model controlled from one fader. Then, the console can manage up to 6 microphones controlled from 3 faders. Internal audio compressors allows the console to have the same audio level in all Mic’s.

    The D816 console is also unique by its dimensions. Electronic components of advanced technology allow us to produce one of the lowest profile consoles in the market (approximatrely 15mm high). This feature avoids the need for cutting the operation desk for a comfortable operator’s position.

    In fact, any desktop becomes in few minutes, a powerful Radio Studio.

    This allows transmitting radio programs from the journalist’s house, using the links that Solidyne offers (Audicom Multicast with Internet link)

    Using the Solidyne D816 console you get a full digital Radio Studio for Pod casting

    At a low price you get a complete Digital Radio Studio for Internet radio or for your low power AM or FM station. From the automation software on the PC (we recommend Solidyne’s own Audicom or OtsAV Radio Broadcaster), the digital audio signal goes direct to the D816 console. It is mixed with microphones and telephone lines. It is thens processed with the Audimax 362 or similar audio processor and finally returns, using digital format to the PC to generate the Internet audio streaming.

    There is no better valued low cost digital console on the market with so many features and benefits.

    Contact us now for your new D816 On-Air, Production or News console; [email protected]

    • 10/12 chanels; 3/6 Microphones, 2 analog Lines, 2 Digital lines, 3 telephone Hybrids
    • 8 Faders of 100 mm. Exclusive ETM-VCA technology with Conductive Ceramic faders of 2 million operations, mounted with connectors for easy replacement. 15 years of use
    • 16 stereo inputs;
      3/6 MIC balanced (XLR) with 6 MIC inputs over 3 faders
      3 balanced lines (DIN 5)
      4 unbalanced lines (RCA)
      2 USB digital in/outs,
      3 telephone hybrids (RJ11)
      1 on-air input for external tuner (jack)
    • 5 stereo outputs;
      a) Digital: PGM Digital USB, REC Digital USB,
      b) Analog: Balanced Program (PGM), Balanced Recordings (REC), External Hybrid (send & return).
    • 5 stereo monitoring; Studio monitors, Studio Headphones (with distribution amplifier), Control Room monitors, Control headphones, CUE mono (with internal speaker). With full control logic and muting.
    • 4 Bands EQ for Microphones
    • Audio compressor for microphones
    • Flat design, to easy mounting on any desktop/table
    • Modular electronics, to easy maintenance
    • External switching power supply 90-240 V

    Technical Specifications

    Audio Inputs: 3 balanced MIC inputs (XLR)
    3 balanced stereo Line inputs (DIN 5)
    4 unbalanced stereo Line inputs (RCA)
    2 Digital stereo Line inputs (USB)
    Inputs Level & Impedance: Balanced MIC= -10 dBu/-75 dBu; 150/250 Ohms
    Balanced LINE = -20 dBu/+26 dBu; 600~ 10Kohms
    Unbalanced LINE = -15 dBu/+12 dBu; 600~ 10Kohms
    Digital: standard USB levels
    Phantom Power: All the MIC inputs have 48 V phantom power supply, switchable ON / OFF
    Analog Outputs: 2 bus stereo outputs; PGM & REC, balanced + 4 dBm;
    Max Level +28dBu (10K), +20dBm (600 ohms)
    External Hybrid: unbalanced + 4 dBu
    Digital Input / Output Level: It uses the K-12 recommendation for broadcating; Then, 0 VU is at -12 dB Full Scale level
    ON-AIR Signal: ON-AIR signal output (turns on when MIC is open)
    12 V CC @ 0,12 amp (two Solidyne On-Air lights)
    Monitor & Hybrid Outputs: 1 Stereo Studio, 1 v rms for active speakers, muted
    1 Stereo Control, 1 v rms for active speakers, muted
    1 Stereo Studio Headphones, with Distribution AMP up to 8 headphones, + 10 dBu
    1 Stereo Control Headphones, + 10 dBu
    1 External Hybrid send (MIX-Minus) +4 dBu / 10K
    CUE Monitor: Internal CUE Monitor Amplifier; 250 mW
    Headroom: 24 dB @ LIN to PGM Ref + 4dBu/10 k
    Start External Devices: From MIC-1 & MIC-2
    From Line 5 & 6
    Open collector +24V @ 0,1 A
    Frequency response: 20-20.000 Hz +/- 0.5 dB (LIN to PGM)
    MIC Equalizer: Four Bands MIC EQ with In/Out switch; 80 Hz top flat curve, 160 Hz bell shaped, 4 kHz bell shaped, 8 kHz top flat
    Action + 15 dB / -15 dB
    MIC Compressor: Low distortion MIC compressor with In/Out switch. 20 dB max compression. Attack time < 10 ms. Threshold = 0 VU
    Compression ratio: < 2 dB variation for 15 dB change MIC level
    Noise: MIC input, EIN=-120 dBu/150 ohms
    LINE input, S/N > 70 dBA
    Dynamic Range: From Line to PGM > 90 dBA (CD quality)
    Crosstalk: PGM-REC > 65 dBA @ 1 kHz
    Distortion: From LINE to PGM out < 0.03 % THD @30-15.000 Hz.
    Phase: From Line to PGM, < 3º L&R @50-10.000 Hz
    Stereo Tracking: Below 0.2 dB error L/R in fader range 0 to 40 dB
    Telephone Hybrid Specs: 3 x active Hybrid (2 land lines + Cellular Phone)
    It includes a mini-PBX with blue LED silent ringer, Line attention with free hands operation, and Line Transfer
    Frequency Response: 300 – 3.400 Hz
    Noise: > 60 dBA S/N
    Rejection: > 40 dB rejection
    Rejection adjust in front panel preset
    Preference atenuator: 12 dB local speaker interrupt priorit
    Automatic On-Air logic: Audio & Logic are managed from a single 100mm slide fader that performs all the operations in error-free mode (CUE, private hands free Talk – Hold with Air return – Live On Air)
    Telephone input lightning discharge safety: Telephone Hybrid inputs are transformer floating to meet the Public Telephone service isolation standards. They are protected with SIOV Varistors against soft lightning discharges.
    Talkback Microphone: Included Talkback MIC, with Audio Limiter. Noise Cancelled PZM type. Outputs to Phone Line Hybrid or Studio Speakers & Headphones.
    VU-meters: 4 electronic VU-meters por PGM & REC. Cuasi peak reading, with standard yellow VU scale.
    Microphone compressor indicator 0 – 15 dB
    Power: Switching external power supply 90-240 V, 20VA [[email protected],57A]
    Dimensions & Weight: 550 x 350 (D) x 130 mm
    Shipment box: 600 x 500 x 180 mm
    Shipment weight: 7 Kg

    Solidyne D816 Brochure

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