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The Audimax 362HD has 7 analog processing stages and the digital stereo coder. It works with 3 audio bands and has 7 front panel controls for customize the sound (so that your radio sounds different from the others) Its very low price tag is appropriate for community FM radios and low power stations. Model 362 has simultaneous stereo balances outputs for audio streaming in Internet and coaxial MPX output for FM transmitter. The 362-IT model is an excellent processor for WEBcasting because analog inputs has internal equalization for optimal performance of streaming (you can listen audio streaming; select it at the left menu)

Operating in a FM radio, the AudiMax 362 increases the reach of the FM transmission, improving the coverage area between 30 and 50%, obtaining an impressive audio quality that will distinguish your radio station. You can learn more about how processing improves the FM reach, at our Power Point presentation: Audio Processors (Spanish) .

AudiMax is fully controlled by VCA, being very simple to adjust. In fact, with all the knobs to the center position, your radio will sound perfect on the air. You don’t need a technician to make the settings. Its main characteristic is the ease of use, because it does not require a specialized technician to start up and to adjust the unit; and neither it has the critical Input level control, since an automatic system adapts the input gain to the output level of any audio console and radio-operators (still the most distracted...)The stereo coder stage uses digital synthesis with 16X oversampling, a technology developed by Solidyne that guarantees ultra-low distortion and high channel separation, not requiring any readjustment during all its full life. MPX output is differential type, with floating ground for cancelling the residual humming.

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Technical Specifications

Analog Input
XLR3 conector, level self-adjusted -6 dBu to + 15 dBu Z= 600 / 10 Kohms, balanced

Analog Output Balanced, + 4 dBu Z= 600 / 10 Kohms, with de-emphasis (flat response)

MPX Output
600/10 Kohms, factory set level to standard 4 Vpp Differential output, BNC connector, floating ground 50 ohms Allows 45 dB canceling buzz & noise due to ground loops

Frequency Response
20 – 16.000 Hz +/- 0, 5 dB measured below compression & limiter threshold

Harmonic Distortion
Below 0, 02 % @ 30-15.000Hz

Below – 90 dBA ref 100 % modulation

Stereo Separation
> 75 dBA

Subsonic Filter
Chebyshev 2nd order, 15 Hz

Cancelling 5 : 1 cancelling effect, using Khann-Bonello system

10:1 slope, 0, 1 msec attack time, 200
msec release

AGC (wideband)
VCA controlled, 30 dB range, 3 sec attack/release

Multiband Compressors
3 bands, 18 B/octave, Linear Phase crossover. Compressors: 30 dB range, 5:1 slope, VCA controlled Automatic attack time. Release time user controlled by 3 x ENERGY controls

IM Cancelled
Clipper IM clipper cancellation > 30 dB below 250 hz

Dynamic EQ
0 – 12 dB dynamic boost at Low, Mid and High Frecuency Front panel user controlled

7 stages of processing devices

115 V / 230 V (rear switch selected) 50/60 Hz, 20 W

19" rack mount. Module one (44, 4 mm).

  • An audio expander ensures the elimination of background noise at times when there is silence
  • An AGC system (Automatic Gain Control) guarantees to enter the delicate multiband system with the same level of audio always, avoiding variations in the level of transmission of its radio due to different speakers or interviewees and even to errors of operation.
  • A phase rotation system employs Kahnn-Bonello peak symmetrizer technology, eliminating the asymmetry of the human voice that reduces the range of the radio and gives a sense of weakness to the sound
  • Dynamic Equalizer is a 3-band dynamic audio equalizer that allows you to reinforce certain frequencies, usually the bass, to have a sound with a strong punch of low frequencies, ideal for car radios. Unlike conventional equalizers whose action is lost for high levels of modulation, this equalizer emphasizes its action the higher the modulation
  • The Band Energy system increases the density of peaks in the 3 bands achieving very high loudness signals. It is adjusted according to whether the radio wants an aggressive or soft and melodious sound.
  • Multiband Compressor; it is the base of the processing system constituted by independent audio processors that act in 3 bands.
    The attack times are automatic adjustment.
    A single control allows modifying the gain at the input of the compressors.
    Exclusive Intermodulation cancellation filters allow the cleaning of
    sound that characterizes the 362HD
  • MPX clipper with instantaneous operation between 0 and 6 dB with SuperModulationtechnologythat allows to gain between 2 and 3 dB of audio signal without over-modulating the transmission



Solidyne - 45 years of innovation in the design of analog & digital consoles, audio processors & codecs.


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  • Analog Inputs:1- XLR3 conector, level self-adjusted 0 dBu to + 15 dBu 600 ohms balanced; Z > 10 Kohms
  • 2- RCA unbal, level self adjusted -15 to 0 dBu, Z=10 Kohms
  • 3- RJ45 stereo balanced (compatible with StudioHUB, Axia,etc) 0 dBu to + 15 dBu, 600 ohms balanced. Z > 10 Kohms
  • 4- Optional digital stereo USB input for PC direct connection
  • Analog Output:1- Analog Balanced, + 4 dBu; Z= 600 / 10 Kohms, with de-emphasis (flat response)
  • 2- Optional USB digital stereo output (flat response) fordirect connection to PC
  • MPX Output:Two MPX outputs with individual level control with presetat rear side
  • 600/10 Kohms, level from 0,4 to 4,5 Vpp
  • Differential output, BNC connector, floating ground 50 ohms
  • Allows 45 dB canceling buzz & noise due to ground loops
  • Frequency Response:20 – 16.000 Hz +/- 0,5 dB measuredbelow compression & limiter threshold
  • Harmonic Distortion:Below 0,02 % @ 30-15.000Hz
  • Noise Below:– 90 dBA ref 100 % modulation
  • Stereo Separation:> 75 dBA
  • Subsonic Filter:Chebyshev 2nd order, 15 Hz
  • Asymmetry:Cancelling 5 : 1 cancelling effect, using Khann-Bonello system
  • Expander:10:1 slope, 0,1 msec attack time, 200 msec release
  • AGC (wideband):VCA controlled, 30 dB range, 3 secattack/release
  • Multiband Compressors:3 bands, 18 dB/octave.Linear Phase crossover
  • Compressors:30 dB range, 5:1 slope,VCA controlledAutomatic attack time. Release time user controlled
  • IM Cancelled:Clipper IM clipper cancellation > 30 dB below250 hz
  • Dynamic EQ:0 – 12 dB dynamic boost at Low, Mid and HighFrecuency Front panel user controlled
  • Processing:7 stages of processing devices
  • Power:115 V / 230 V (rear switch selected) 50/60 Hz, 20 W
  • Dimensions:19″ rack mount. Module one (44,4 mm).
  • Weight:3 Kg Net; (4 Kg for courier freight)

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