Sinteck XT-1000

1kW FM Transmitter

Sinteck XT-1000


Before you decide to purchase any equipment for your station, remember that a correct decision will bring better financial results and increase your audience. Surround sound, well-defined, with bass and treble that sound freely without distortion, bringing the network to a high degree of clarity. What we present here is undoubtedly the most advanced FM transmitter, able to offer you all this.

Your station deserves the very best transmitter and Sinteck introduces you to the XT-1000, a powerful FM transmitter that has everything a great broadcaster needs. Compact, robust, power efficient and features that will put its competitors in the shade.

Aside from all the above Sinteck brand means excellent quality, long-term reliability and the highest power usage efficiency in the industry. Sinteck products are being exported to more than 30 countries, not only complying with Anatel standards as well as the local standards of each location where it is marketed. Think about it: if your station is the best, then your equipment must be Sinteck powered!

  • 1kW real output power with high efficiency LDMOS design
  • Turbo 3D audio, high linearity VCO (much more weight and brightness without any distortion)
  • Built-in harmonic filter minimizing interference
  • Stereo Encoder with high channel separation
  • Single-band audio processing system built-in (does not distort, it is not necessary to connect external audio compressors if the XLR Left / Right inputs are used)
  • Input for RDS Encoder
  • Built-in MP3 player option, simply connect a USB drive with additional  programming and the equipment itself will broadcast it*
  • OLED display and long-lasting touch keyboard
  • Telemetry is incorporated, enabling remote control of the equipment via the Internet, directly using the browser *
  • INTEGRAL 2 years warranty, including RF circuits not covered by most other manufacturers
  • RF Sector
  • Output Power:1000W reducible to 0W (*)
  • RF Output Impedance:50 Ohms
  • RF Output Connector:N Female or DIN 7/16 if requested
  • Frequency range:87.5 to 108,1MHz
  • Frequency steps:100KHz
  • Frequency programming:Through the UP / DOWN keys on the machine’s front panel (*)
  • Frequency stability:5 ppm 1 ppm 2 or on request
  • Modulation Type:F3, FM direct modulation (direct VCO frequency in the final without frequencies multiplication)
  • Harmonic attenuation level:> 80dBc
  • Modulation residual AM (Assyncr.):Approximately 0.05% (55dB)
  • Modulation residual AM (Syncr.):Approximately 0.1% (65dB)
  • Intermodulation distortion:<0.05% @ 1kHz
  • Flat frequency response:20Hz to 200kHz
  • Power Sector
  • AC Input:220V 50-60Hz 10% fluctuation
  • DC input:Not available in this version
  • Protection AC Surge:3 varistors of 285V, gas arresters and fuses
  • Efficiency:72% or better in 220V AC
  • Switching Frequency:100kHz
  • Total consumption at full power:Approximately 1.390W
  • AC input connector:IE Type
  • Physical Characteristics
  • Weight:20 kg
  • Dimensions:483mm (6 “) long, 88,90mm (3”) high, 406mm (16 “) depth
  • Working temperature:0 to + 45 ° C
  • Maximum relative humidity:95% at + 45 ° C noncondensing
  • CPU and Display
  • CPU:Processor PIC, microcontroller with Sinteck + WEB Software version 3.5
  • Memory:Nonvolatile, retention> 40 years
  • Total protection microprocessor:PLL, VSWR and temperature
  • Control Keys:UP / DOWN freq. St or Mono, Int or Ext MPX, Config Hold
  • LCD display:16 columns, 2 lines OLED with white letters
  • Audio Inputs Left Right
  • Connectors:XLR female (Canon)
  • Internal jumper:pre-emphasis selection of 50 or 75US
  • Input impedance:600 Ohms balanced
  • Frequency response:20Hz to 15kHz (THD + N <0.1%)
  • Entry level:0dB to carrier offset 75KHz
  • Stereo separation:Better than 45dB @ 1kHz
  • Tom Pilot / Stability:19kHz +/- 1Hz
  • MPX Input
  • Input impedance:10k Ohms unbalanced – BNC
  • Frequency response:20Hz to 200KHz +/- 1dB to bypass 75kHz
  • SCA Entry
  • Input impedance:10k Ohms unbalanced – BNC
  • Frequêcia response:15KHz to 200KHz +/- 1dB to bypass 75kHz
  • Tone Output RDS Sync
  • Output Impedance:10k Ohms unbalanced – BNC
  • Output Level 19kHz tone:Fixed 1 Vpp

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  1. George Nicolaou

    This is a great buy

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