Sinteck MAX10K FM

Power Amplifier

Sinteck MAX10K FM

The new Sinteck 10kW FM amplifier, the MAX10K is realized with technology ICEFET, that allows drastic decrease of the temperature to a sensitive reduction of the power consumption.
The Sinteck MAX10K is a system of total quality thanks to remote diagnostics, low power consumption, simple to install and ease of use. All the components of the MAX10K are shared across each of the RF modules, power supply, logics control, protection systems, component derating, ease of installation and simplicity of setup.

The advantages of the module systems are as follows:
All technological improvement on the basic product is directly transferred on the apparatus of the series
Automatic diffusion of the knowledge and maintenance
Interchangeability and independence of the each module base
Common parts of exchange on the whole series

System of the power supply switching by high efficiency switch-mode power supplies. Logic proportional protection without interruption of the operation, predisposition for telemetry.

The new line of FM transmitters and power amplifiers launched by Sinteck are characterized by high efficiency, compact size and long term reliability. With RF efficiency above 83% and overal AC to RF efficiency of 76% this makes the Sinteck MAX10K by far the most power efficient 10kW transmitter on the market today offering you large annual savings on your power bill.


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