Sigmacom DDS-50

Get the best, the most perfect modulation you have ever heard!
Without VCO, varicaps, PLLs, or any other conventional component that could affect the audio linearity and performance.
The only analog part in the chain, will be your listener’s receiver! The DDS (Digital Direct Synthesis) technology, is now available at very low cost!

• Direct to channel carrier generation with sub-Mhz precision. • Digital MPX (MPX over AES) support @ 192 or 384 kHz. • Built-in MPX SFN support (up to 12.800km in basic version). • Option for integrated EtherMPX decoder: MPX over IP, directly modulated to RF! • DC coupled analog inputs performance: -130dBc noise floor @ 192kHz • Internal DSP stereo encoder with ultimate separation. • Web interface for management and monitoring. • 4 user-selectable TX modes of operation: Stereo, Mono, External Baseband, Mute (CW). • Backup audio source port, switchover by external event. • Accurate and precise adjustment of FM deviation maximizes loudness without modulation overshoots. • Easy and compact User Interface. • 30 and 300 watt versions.
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    Sigmacom DDS-50


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