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EXC 3500GX model is the most compact 3.5kW transmitter of the innovative GX family produced by Sielco. It is appreciated for the great efficiency and versatility due to three main reasons: LIGHT weight, MINIMUM size and LOW consumption. To buy an EXC 3500GX, as anyone other model of the GX line, means to make a winning choice, to enjoy all the relevant advantages during all the life of the product and to spare money: less transport costs, less needed space to install it and the lowest energy consumption during the work. EXC 3500GX is simple to set up: very easy to configure thanks to the intuitive human interface equipped with an elegant LCD graphic display, a multi-function jog control and only a few other control buttons. The high flexibility of this compact transmitter could be even increased through the use of important options like: telemetry/remote control systems, Ethernet connection with SNMP protocol, high quality stereo encoder, audio digital board in accordance with AES/EBU directive and RS232/485 serial port to enable an easier integration with other instruments. The modern and attractive design of our GX transmitters reflects the state-of-the-art technology of this trustworthy model that requires little maintenance thereby saving you time and money.

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 62 × 49 × 18 cm
Product can be split into multiple boxes


Ship Separately




RF Power

7/8 EIA 50 Ohm

>70 dBc

>80 dBc

VSWR fold back
above 2.1

87.5 – 108 MHz

10/100KHz steps

Frequency selection
internal switches or menu system

Frequency control type
type dual speed Phase locked loop

Frequency Stability
+/- 200 Hz (fine adjustment available)

MPX input

MPX input response
+/- 0.3 dB 5 Hz to 100 kHz

MPX input level
-10db to +10dB (adjustable)

PSU Efficiency

PA Board Efficiency


Synchronous AM Noise
0.31% (at normal deviation)

Asynchronouse AM Noise
0.18% (at centre frequency of 97.7MHz)


Subcarrier Generation
microprocessor generated (oversampled)

19kHz +/- 1 Hz (adjustable)

Pilot generation
microprocessor generated (oversampled)

Output level
(BNC) 0dB

15 kHz filtering
>40dB at 19kHz

15kHz overshoot filter clipping
Clipping Selectable on or off

Spurious >80 kHz

Spurious>160 kHz

Stereo separation
>50dB (20Hz-15kHz)


Audio input levels
-10dB – +18dB for limiting

Audio input connectors
XLR balanced (RF shielded)

Input CMRR

Audio distortion
<.1% at limiting 1 kHz (clarity mode)

Frequency response
20 Hz to 20kHz +/- 0.5dB (0 us Pre emphasis)

Limiter control range
>22dB (0 us pre emphasis)

Input impedance
10k Ohm

Pre emphasis
0, 50 and 75 uS

Process modes
clarity and loud

on or off


Control system
Front Panel Controls & Alphanumeric Display

External control/monitor
15 way D-type

483mm x 177mm x 650mm


Voltage input
85-260 VAC (50-60Hz)

Total Power Consumption at rated power

Power connector
IEC, FUSED and switchable

Switched mode supplies approvals


• Professional performance, Extreme compactness, reliability and lightness easy maintenance. • High gain final power amplifier stage with very low power consumption• Fully microprocessor-controlled, menu-digital interface for diagnosis and monitoring of all parameters displayed on the LCD.• APC (automatic power control) and foldback protection, safe and reliable operation in every environmental condition. • Manufactured using the latest technologies for safe operation and easy maintenance. • Works perfectly with all Siel telemetry systems

  • Digital control
  • Compact Chasis
  • Frequency Agile – User can select any channel from 87.6 MHz to 108MHz.
  • Auto Power Control – Output power is maintained at your selected level, both forward and reflected power are diplayed on the front panel.
  • Display -Blue coloredscreen provide easy viewing off all parameters under high ambient light.
  • Transmitter fulfils CCIR AND FCC standards.
  • Extensive transmitter protection minimizes system downtime.
  • Audio/mpx input level -3.5 ÷ 12.5 dBm adjustable
  • Adjustable at 10kHz steps
  • Pre-enphasis 50 ~s ±3% (0, 25, 50, 75 ~s selectable)
  • Audio/mpx input impedance 10k/600 ohm balanced
  • Deviation limiter from 0 to 7dB adjustable




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Technical Data

  • Frequency range:from 87,5 to 108 MHz
  • Transmitter tuning steps:10/100 KHz
  • Frequency stability / error:± 250Hz over temperature range – 100Hz/year
  • FM modulation:75 KHz peak deviation (adjustable)
  • Modulation:FM – 75 KHz peak, adjustable (180KF3E/256KF8E)
  • Auxiliary input channel level:SCA – from -12,5 to +3,5 dBm @ 7,5 KHz deviation
  • RDS – from -24 to -8 dBm @ 2 KHz deviation
  • Modulation distortion:75 KHz dev. – <0.03%, 0.02% typical
  • S/N ratio, mono:30÷20000Hz – >76 dB, 83 typical
  • CCIR – >75 dB, 79 typical
  • S/N ratio, stereo:30÷20000Hz – >72 dB, 77 typical
  • CCIR – >68 dB, 72 typical
  • Audio channels frequency response:30÷15000 Hz – ±0.1 dB
  • MPX input frequency response:30÷100000 Hz – ±0.1 dB
  • Pre-emphasis time constant:0/50/75 μs selectable
  • Rated RF output power:3500W
  • RF Driver power:4W, 5W max RFB3500
  • Output power ALC stability:±3%
  • Harmonic and spurious emissions:<70dB (harmonic), <80 dBc (spurious)
  • RF output connector:7/8”
  • Power supply:Single phase – 230 Vac +10/-15%
  • Three phase – 230 Vac +10/-15% without neutral line – 400 Vac +10/-15% with neutral line
  • Total consumption at rated RF power:<5000W
  • Efficiency:>67% typical
  • Operative temperature range:suggested – from 0 to 35 °C
  • extreme – from -10 to +45°C (50°C max with derating) up to 95% not condensing
  • Dimensions (WxHxD):483x177x650 mm
  • Weight:30kg EXC3500GX
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