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The DRT1 is a high- performance RF- tuner unit with an input frequency ranging from 10 KHz to 30 MHz. It was designed for software defined receiver concepts using an A/D conversion at the 2nd IF output at 12kHz standard. So a PC standard soundcard may be used as A/D converter by example. Other customer specific IF output frequencies than 12 KHz, up to 2 MHz, are easy to implement on request. High selection is provided by means of an 8 pol. crystal filter at 1st IF. The standard bandwidth is 10 kHz, other customer specific bandwidths are easy to implement on request. The strong linear output peak level together with levelling to high dynamic reserve allows bandwidth tuning by DSP after A/D conversion. The use of a high level 1st mixer in combination with high linear gain control stages and amplifiers provides an excellent over all linearity at all gain values and temperature stability of gain. Low narrowband phase noise of the 14 bit DDS provides compatibility to new digital modulations like DRM or HD Radio with high decoder SNR. For measurement application it is recommended to use the on board reference voltage for VGC generating together with an additional D/A converter. This provides high gain accuracy. The gain response over receiving frequency is very flat.




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High- Performance RF Tuner

Frequency Range: 10 KHz to 30 MHz
Input ICP3: +13,5dBm, typ.
Noise Figure @ full gain: 14dB, typ.
Receiver Factor: -0,5dB, typ.
Input Impedance: 50 Ohms
12 kHz IF output: 1,5Vpp, max.
Single-Supply Operation: 5V @ 220mA, typ. 8pol. Crystal Filter 45,0 MHz
BW: 10 kHz
LO: 14 Bit DDS tuning steps < 1mHz
Long Time Frequency Stability: 5ppm/ 5 years
High stability of Gain Control
Reference Voltage Output: 2,5V
Highest gain independent Linearity
Long Lifetime due to lack of Electrolytic Capacitors
Small geometrical Dimensions
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