Sat-Schneider DRT1

DRM- Baseband Modulator 50 KHz to 28 MHz


Freq. Range:50 KHz – 28 MHz, steps 1 KHz, steps until 0,1 Hz possible on request
Freq. Accuracy:+-1,5ppm ex factory at 25°C
additional +-5ppm over full TCXO temperature range –20°C to +80°C
additional aging +-3ppm /5years
Output Signal:Baseband at final transmitting frequency, no I/Q outputs
Output Level:0dbm true rms according 10 dBm peak
Linearity:serves ITU limit- curve
Precorrection Unit:internal as option, serves 100W with precorrection or 75W without by use together with our 100W linear DRM power amplifier
Power Supply:internal, 230V ac
Dimensions:19” 2 highness units
Output:50 Ohms N female
Audio Input:Chinch R+L 10 KOhms unsymmetrical
optional also 600Ohms symmetrical
Remote Control:Ethernet RJ45
Operating System:Linux
Processor:VIA C3 1000MHz
HDD:1 GB bootable memory card


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