The RVR TEX1002TFT, produced by R.V.R. Elettronica, is a compact transmitter for frequency modulation broadcasting capable of transmitting in the 87.5 to 198 MHz band in steps of 10kHz, with an adjustable RF output up to a maximum of 1000W with a standard load of 50 Ohm.

Power: 1000W

The unit is factory set and calibrated at the time of manufacture. As a result of this manufacturing process, no tuning or adjustment is required.

The factory tolerances are:

– Maximum rated output power: 60 dBm ±1 dB

– Minimum rated output power: 50 dBm ± 1dB

– Gain: Not applicable (the equipment is supplied without a radiant system, which the customr´s responsibility).

The RVR TEX1002TFT is designed to be contained in a 2HE 19″ rack box.

High quality at a very attractive price.Ideal for use as transmitters in stand-alone applications. Adjustable power output from 10 to 100%

PRIMARY APPLICATION: high quality at a very attractive price.Ideal for use as transmitters in stand-alone applications. Adjustable power output from 10 to 100%.

HARDWARE FEATURES: compact, non-deformable and light thanks to the stainless steel chassis, in 2 rack units only.

USER-FRIENDLY FEATURES: four pushbuttons for user/device interaction and software that offers a simple, intuitive interface.

RELIABILITY/CONTINUITY: APC (Automatic Power Control) and Foldback protection ensure reliable operation under any operating conditions.

AUDIO PERFORMANCE: low distortion and intermodulation values and a high noise/signal ratio.

OPERATING EFFICIENCY: incorporate a PFC (Power Factor Corrector) power supply, that provides the utmost efficiency for enhanced energy saving and environmental protection, which added to LD-MOSFET technology ensure high efficiency, better than 70% across the bandwidth.

EASE OF MAINTENANCE: advanced module engineering ensures extreme of access and simple maintenance. Includes an high performance air filter. The power supply is plug-in type, easily removable.

INTERFACE CONTROL: total control thanks to microprocessor easily programmed from menu with all key parameters displayed on LCD.

INPUT/OUTPUT INTERFACE: built-in high-performance stereo coder, L&R analogue audio inputs, Mono inputs, MPX composite signal and auxiliary inputs for SCA / RDS signals. TOSLINK, AES/ EBU digital audio inputs are available as an option.

RDS APPLICATION: built-in RDS encoder with UECP standard functions (option).

REMOTE CONTROL: built-in telemetry system via GSM modem or via WEB/SNMP (option).

REGULATORY COMPLIANCE: state-of-the-art technology in full compliance with EC, FCC and CCIR standards.


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