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RVR 1.4-2.5 GHz STL


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1,656.00 1,428.00
1,656.00 1,428.00
1,835.00 1,607.00
1,835.00 1,607.00
2,050.00 1,786.00
2,050.00 1,786.00
2,238.00 1,965.00
2,238.00 1,965.00
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2-Year Warranty


PTRLNV/4 Transmitter and RXRLNV/4 Receiver are a broadband radio transmitter and receiver manufactured by R.V.R. Elettronica designed to carry audio signals to support sound FM radio broadcasting. This type of device is also known as STL (Studio-to-Transmitter Link).

Key audio features are low distortion and intermodulation values and a high noise/signal ratio.

R.V.R. PTRLNV/4 & RXRLNV/4 are extremely compact and indeformable thanks to their stainless steel chassis, in 2 rack units (2HE) each only.

PRIMARY APPLICATION: Link to carry audio signals to support
sound FM radio broadband broadcasting.
RADIO LINKS TOPICS: optimal price/performance ratio recognized worldwide.
AUDIO PERFORMANCE: low distortion and intermodulation
values, combined with a high noise/signal ratio, provide high
performance also together with an integrated stereo coder with
L&R, Mono, MPX (composite signal) analog audio and auxiliary
SCA/RDS inputs. The stereo coder is available as an option.
HARDWARE FEATURES: extremely compact and indeformable
thanks to their stainless steel chassis, in 1 rack units (1HE) each

 WORKING FREQUENCIES: standard working frequency bands are
1,4÷1,8 GHz or 2,3÷2,5 GHz MHz of 20 MHz and selectable in
steps of 25kHz. Working frequency (hence, the frequency band)
must be specified on order.

RELIABILITY/CONTINUITY: enhanced business continuity
guaranteed in all working conditions through an APC automatic control and a Foldback protection. The presence a 24VDC
connector connected to a battery or other power source ensures
uninterrupted operation in the event of mains failure.
USER-FRIENDLY FEATURES: universal 80-260 V multi-voltage
power supply enables operation on different mains voltages with
no need to preselect voltage. Pushbuttons for user/device interaction provide enhanced accessibility, resulting in extreme ease
of use.
Configuration software offers a simple, intuitive interface.
INTERFACE CONTROL: total control thanks to microprocessor
with all key parameters displayed on LCD.
EASE OF MAINTENANCE: advanced module engineering ensures
extreme ease of access and simple maintenance.



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