Randall Concepts Ranger 4

The Randall Concepts Ranger 4 studio is a fully professional studio system that is completely pre-packaged and ready to go without unpacking or dismounting equipment. It can be operated by simply opening the case and switching on. No further setting up is needed other than to plug the headphones and power.

It is ideally suited for disaster relief, emergency broadcasting, training, start-up studios and radio stations, and as a temporary studio to to replace stolen or damaged equipment. The forerunner of the Ranger, has been used in all of these roles in many countries and climates. It is built into a standard suitcase and is designed not to draw attention to itself when travelling. It is rugged an easy to use..

Various options can be fitted internally including; internal rechargeable battery pack, and a cell phone adaptor for mobile phone-ins..


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    Randall Concepts Ranger 4

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