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    Procom SWR 4000

    Compact Wide-Band SWR Analyzer

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    Compact, hand-held all-in-one SWR analyzer. Light Weight and Rugged Design. Covers 30 – 2700 MHz. Instrument Setup by Multilayer Menu System. Swept SWR or Return Loss measurement.

    • Instrument Setup by Multilayer Menu System.
    • Swept SWR or Return Loss measurement.
    • Easy to use:
      • Enter centre frequency and span.
      • Adjust cursor line to analyze measurement.
      • Press HOLD and COPY to store measured results.
    • USB interface (A-type) for storage of display contents onto memory stick.
    • Date and Time Stamp on data by built-in Real Time Clock.
    • Bright LCD display ensures use in direct sunlight.
    • Back Light for use in dark areas.
    • Built-in rechargeable battery.
    • Auto Power Off saves battery power.
    • 230V AC adapter included for charging of the battery.
    • Accessory Kit available containing:
      • Soft carrying bag.
      • Standard coaxial adapter kit.
      • Car charger for cigarette lighter connector.


    MODEL: SWR 4000
    APPLICATION: Measurement of SWR or Return Loss in 50 Ω coaxial transmission lines
    IMPEDANCE: Nom. 50 Ω


    RANGE: 30 – 2700 MHz
    CENTRE: Set by user
    SPAN: 0 to 2670 MHz, set by user
    SWEEP: 101 points
    RESOLUTION: Down to 20 kHz
    ACCURACY: 50 ppm


    RANGE: SWR: 1.0 to 9.9
    Return Loss: 0 to -30 dB
    ACCURACY (SWR 1.0-2.0): 30 – 1000 MHz: ±5 %
    1000 – 1600 MHz: ±10 %
    1600 – 2700 MHz: ±15 %
    CALIBRATION: Factory made, stored in EEPROM


    GENERATOR OUTPUT: Approx. –4 dBm
    MAX. ACCIDENTAL INPUT: +20 dBm (100 mW)
    RF CONNECTOR: N-female


    ON/OFF BUTTON: Switches ON the instrument. The instrument starts in sweep mode and runs for the auto power-off period when no other buttons are pushed. Switches OFF the instrument when re-pushed
    FC MHz BUTTON: Activates centre frequency input by the numeric keys. ENTER key activates the entry
    FΔ MHz BUTTON: Activates frequency span input by the numeric keys. ENTER key activates the entry
    ARROW BUTTONS: Controls cursor line position. Display indicates cursor frequency and measured value (when selected)
    HOLD BUTTON: Holds/starts the sweep
    COPY BUTTON: Writes the screen contents in HOLD mode to the USB device in .bmp format or .xml format (menu selectable)
    MENU BUTTON: Activates the setup menu. ENTER key activates the entry and return to operate mode


    USB (A type): For USB Memory Stick
    USB (B type): For serial PC communication (future use)
    RS232 (mini DIN): For factory use only


    BATTERY: 4 pcs. rechargeable AA cells 1.2V 2.1Ah
    WORKING TIME, FULLY CHARGED BATTERY: More than 6 hours continuously
    BATTERY SAVE: User defined Auto Power Off
    CHARGER: 230VAC/7.5VDC charger (included)
    CAR CHARGER: 12V/7.5V regulated (in accessory kit)
    CHARGING TIME: At 15 V AC or 16–18 V DC: 6 hours (AC-adapter 230 VAC/15 VAC included)
    CHARGE INDICATOR: Red LED, lights by charging.


    TEMP. RANGE: Operating: 0°C to +50°C
    Storage: -30°C to +50°C
    COLOUR: Silver/blue
    DIMENSIONS (W x D x H): 82 mm x 165 mm x 31 mm
    WEIGHT: Approx. 500 g (incl. batteries)

    SWR 4000 Brochure


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