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Quality professional-grade AV webcast solution with basic scheduling. Produces quality audio/video output to sound card/video card which can be captured by your preferred hardware/software to webcast to destination.

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<li>Partial (co-branding) customization of video output watermark, logos in titling, etc.</li>
<li>Optimized / Standard / Enhanced Definition Video Output modes</li>
<li>Integrated Video Sub-system with Ots Labs TrueSmooth™Technology. Includes animated titling, smooth ticker, full widescreen support, and many advanced features.</li>
<li>Video Processing Engine with Ots Labs IntelliARC™Technology. Includes intelligent aspect ratio handling and embellishments features.</li>
<li>Integrated Basic Scheduling</li>
<li>Automated Beat Mixing* (Ots Labs BeatMorph™ Technology)</li>
<li>Intelligent Automated Fade-mixing (Ots Labs IntelliFade™ Technology )</li>
<li>Integrated Karaoke CD+G Sub-system</li>
<li>Slideshow mode</li>
<li>Logging played items and times to text file or CSV file with additional fields for music licensing authorities</li>
<li>Export Media Library item information to CSV file with additional fields</li>
<li>Deck Tempo / Time-Scale Adjustments (Ots Labs ClearScale™ Technology)</li>
<li>Time-Scaling Ranges +/- 4/8/16/32/64/100%</li>
<li>Audio Processing (Ots Labs PureFloat™ Technology)</li>
<li>Low-Latency Audio Output (Ots Labs StablePipe™ Technology)</li>
<li>Integrated Dynamics Processor</li>
<li>Integrated Graphics EQ</li>
<li>Integrated Mixer</li>
<li>Cue Channel Output</li>
<li>Multi Sound Card Support</li>
<li>ASIO driver support</li>
<li>Match A-B BPM Control</li>
<li>Media Library with OMQL support</li>
<li>Powerful Playlist Generator including Station ID support</li>
<li>Save As Wave</li>
<li>Deck Pitch Adjustments</li>
<li>Waveform display</li>
<li>ShoutCast Output and other compatible 3rd party plugin (Audio Webcast)</li>
<li>Winamp Visualisation Plugin Support</li>
<li>Direction Control & Reverse Play</li>
<li>Realistic Vinyl Scratching</li>
<li>Remote Access Control</li>
<li>Ots Media™ Professional File Format support (Ots Labs Ots Media™ Technology)</li>
<li>MP3/WAV/OTS file direct support</li>
<li>MP3 / MP2 / MPEG1-video / MPEG2-video / unencrypted VOB file / CD+G support in professional Ots Media™ file format</li>
<li>XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 (32 and 64-bit) support</li>
<li>Downloadable Installation File</li>

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