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    Orban OPTIMOD-FM 8700i

    FM Audio Processor

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    9,647.00 8,769.00
    9,647.00 8,769.00
    List Price: 9,647.00 8,769.00
    9,647.00 8,769.00
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    2-Year Warranty


    In the toughest competitive environment ever, a winning strategy includes OPTIMOD-FM 8700i with Xponential Loudness™
    OPTIMOD-FM 8700i is Orban’s flagship processor. Featuring versatile five-band and two-band processing for both analog FM transmission and digital media, the 8700i provides the industry’s most consistent sound, track-to-track and source-to-source. This consistency allows you to create a sonic signature for your station with the assurance that your signature will stay locked in, uniquely branding your sound.

    Xponential Loudness™ brings hyper-compressed music back to life, revealing detail and increasing impact while reducing listening fatigue and distortion.
    Xponential Loudness™ restores material that has passed through lossy compression, like MP3, making it sound more like the original.

    Built-in streaming server allows you to monitor the 8700i-processed FM and HD audio wherever there is a LAN or Internet connection.

    Exclusive “Multipath Mitigator” phase corrector reduces multipath distortion without compromising stereo separation.

    Subharmonic synthesizer adds modern-sounding bass punch to older recordings.

    Dante Audio-Over-IP now with AES67 support coming fall of 2017 via an easy software upgrade.

    Ultra low-latency headphone output with dedicated processing chain including FM clipper.

    • Dual Power Supplies
      The 8700i has dual power supplies with independent AC line inputs provide redundant operation to ensure maximum uptime.
    • Safety Bypass Relays
      Analog and AES3 digital inputs and outputs are provided with hard-wire safety bypass relays in case of hardware or power failures.
    • Dante™ Audio-Over-IP Connectivity
      100% AES67 compliant, Dante uses a dedicated Ethernet connection for two stereo audio inputs and two stereo outputs, each with a dedicated level control. Sample rate conversion is provided for both the inputs and the outputs.
    • Digital MPX
      A 384/192 kHz AES3 digital composite output that is compatible and interoperable with the 192 kHz standard being implemented by several transmitter manufacturers.
    • 10 MHz Reference Input
      A 10 MHz reference input allows the stereo pilot tone frequency and digital composite output sample rate to be locked to a 10 MHz reference signal (like GPS), facilitating single-frequency-network (SFN) and near single-frequency-network (N-SFN) operation.
    • Low-Delay DJ Monitor Output
      It is impractical for talent to monitor all of the processing structures off-air with headphones. A new separate processing structure (of about 5ms) with full 5 band “FM-like Sound” low-latency DJ monitor output is provided for this purpose.
    • Streaming Monitor OutputIn cooperation with Optimod PC Remote software, the streaming monitor output allows you to check or improve your station’s signature sound where off-air monitoring is unavailable. The steaming feature allows you to monitor several points within 8700i. Choose either Opus and MP3 codecs for streaming directly to the client PC.
    • Subharmonic Synthesizer
      The Subharmonic Synthesizer creates energy one octave below program energy in the range of 50-90 Hz when such energy is not present at the input and when music is detected.
    • Xponential Loudness™ Algorithm
      The Xponential Loudness™ algorithm reduces listening fatigue and actually improves listeners’ hearing using adaptive psychoacoustics.
    • “Multipath Mitigator” Left/Right Phase Skew Correction
      The phase skew corrector maximizes both FM and Digital Radio processing paths for the quality of a mono mixdown or blend that might occur in a receiver or player device. By removing phase shifts between the left and right channels, it minimizes the energy in the stereo subchannel without compromising separation.
    • ITU BS-412 Multiplex Power Control
      The new BS-412 Multiplex Power Controller is improved with a new program adaptive algorithm and has several user flavors.


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