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5kW Compact FM Transmitter

TRU Price Guarantee

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16,334.00 11,847.00
16,334.00 11,847.00
List Price: 16,334.00 11,847.00
16,334.00 11,847.00
Tech Support
2-Year Warranty


FTC5K-D designed with the latest LDMOS transistors, which ensures high efficiency. Operational costs, heat and cooling costs, maintenance costs are reduced, and life span is increased.

FTC5K-D equipped with Analog Audio, AES/EBU, MPX, I2S inputs. Which are converted to digital signals and modulated in a FPGA with excellent software algorithms to FM band with extremely low noise level.

Direct to channel modulator provides very high signal quality, crystal clear audio and unbeatable performance.

Remote Control

The FTC5K-D is shipping with its easy to use Cloud enabled remote control system. The device can be managed and controlled via its web server and Onair Service Center. With the 3G/4G USB stick connection port, you have complete access to device via Onair Service Center even in the rural areas which have mobile phone signal.

Built-in RDS Encoder

The RDS encoder comes with a web protocol which is compatible with most of the radio automation software’s. This allows real-time broadcasting song/singer information automatically.

Silence Detector

FTC5K-D’s silence detector, detects silence on the inputs according to specified threshold level. It can either notify you and can trigger audio backup feature.

Audio Backup

Supporting several types of Backup sources, upon audio loss, FTC5K-D will switch between the sources (Analog Audio Input, AES/EBU, MPX, I2S, IP Audio Client, Integrated Audio Player) on the prearranged configurations (Silence time, silence level).

IP Audio

FTC5K-D has integrated audio processor which can decode Shoutcast, Icecast, HE-AAC v1/v2, MPEG-1 Layer 3 compressed audio streams, OGG compressed audio streams, and lossless uncompressed PCM streams, over IP networks. Even with behind NAT connections, 3G/4G connections and Firewalled connections, FTC5K-D provides high sound quality without the need of user interference.

Integrated Audio Player

FTC5K-D supports MP1, MP2, MP3, OGG, AAC, HE-AAC, MPEG-4 ALS, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, Musepack, Speex, WAVE file formats. With the 8 Gb total storage capacity, you can store approxtimately to 1000 hours of audio recordings.

E-Mail and SMS Notifications

In case of any warning or error, the device sends E-Mail and/or SMS notifications to specified email addresses and phone numbers.

N+1 Redundancy System

FTC5K-D is ready for N+1 Redundancy System. Backup device automatically goes online immediately, when master goes offline.

  • Very compact case
  • Measurement and display of the transmitter’s working parameters
  • Direct to channel digital exciter with built in RDS encoder
  • Excellent audio performance is ensured by advanced digital signal processing technology (24-bit analog converter)
  • Built-in silence detector (adjustable time)
  • Built-in automatic audio source selector
  • Ready for SFN
  • RDS Alarm contact
  • Automatic start/stop for airconditioner
  • Ready for N+1 redundancy system
  • Self Managing System
  • Event logs can be seen on display or printed out with date&time of event
  • All parameters can be remotely controlled by TCP/IP
  • High reliability use of Microstrip Technology
  • Forward power, reflected power, heatsink temperature, transistor current and voltage protections
  • Built in silence detector, failover to integrated audio player or IP audio (Adjustable time and threshold)
  • Audio input selection between transmitter audio input, IP audio, integrated audio player
  • Event logging (Notificaton over e-mail, SMS and Onair Service Center)
  • Remote Control over Internet, TCP/IP and Onair Service Center
  • Internal IP Audio Decoder (Shoutcast, Icecast, Mpeg TS, Mpeg2 TS, Flacstream, PCM Stream)
  • N+1 Redundancy system ready
  • Automatically finds the best working parameters to get maximum efficency when you change frequency or output power limit
  • Fresh start with reverting to the factory settings
  • Song and singer name broadcasting via RDS PSN (compatible with all radio automation softwares)
  • Cellular internet connecton supported using 3G/4G USB stick

OutputPowerRange 0-5000 W
RFOutputConnector 7/8
OperatingBand 87.5 – 108.0MHz
Dimensions:W – H – D
Weight 55 kg
RFPowerStage Technology LDMOS
AutomaticPowerRFControl Stabilized output power value on set the value
OverallOutputPowerRFStability ±0.1 dB
Cooling System Forced air-cooling
Remote Control Yes. SNMP. Optional
L/RLevel Adjustment
L/RInputImpedance 600ohmbalanced,10 K ohmsunbalanced
PILOT ToneFrequency 19KHz
PILOT ToneFrequencyStability ±1Hz
THD+N(stereo/monooperation) < 0.03% or better with 75 KHz frequency deviation at 30 Hz to 15 kHz
Pre-emphasis 50/75μsselectable
Pre-emphasis Tolerance ±0.1dB
FMS/NCCIR Mono/Stereo >80dB weighted >80dB unweighted @400Hz, 75KHz deviation, quasi-peak detector, 50us de-emphasis
FMS/NMPX 85 dB 20 Hz to 23 KHz @ 53 KHz – detector RMS
Amplitude-frequency characteristic ± 0 . 1 5 d B , 30 Hz to 15 KHz
Linear crosstalk > 70 dB 20 Hz to 15 kHz
Class of Emission F3
Stereo Emission AccordingtoITU-Rrecomendation450(pilottone)
PLLLock Time 110ms
FrequencyDeviation ±75KHz
MaximumFrequencyDeviation ±150KHz
Frequency Stability ±1 ppmfrom-5to45°C.
RF Frequency Steps 100KHz
AC Voltage 180/264V AC –47- 63Hz
PowerConsumption 8250VA
[email protected] AC 37.5 A
Overall Eficiency 65%
PowerFactor >0.95
Temperature Range (operating) – 5 /+45 °C,23/113 °F
Humidity Range (operating) 90%@40 °C,104 °F
Altitude Range (operating) < 2000 meters / <13125 Feet



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