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    Omnia.9/XE is a software-only version of the processing and streaming encoder portions of the “Omnia.9 by Leif Claesson” hardware broadcast processor, including Undo – the revolutionary de-clipper and multiband expander that removes distortion and restores dynamics to music that has been clipped and over-compressed during the mastering process.

    Broadcasters have always taken their on-air processing seriously, but too often streaming audio fails to get the same careful consideration. Sometimes the audio destined to the streaming encoder isn’t processed at all (leading to listener complaints about wild swings in audio levels). Sometimes it is processed with a cheap wideband hardware processor rescued from the pile of de-commissioned equipment (resulting in low-quality sound with audible processing artifacts). Now and again, it may even be fed by the same processor as the FM signal path (which results in high levels of distortion and a correspondingly high tune out rate).

    Omnia.9/XE is designed for terrestrial or streaming-only broadcasters who understand the importance of providing the highest quality audio possible to their listeners on a wide variety of devices and with varying amounts of available bandwidth.

    This user guide is designed not only to take you step by step through the setup and installation process and through the various menus and controls but also to serve as a resource to make educated, thoughtful decisions about encoding in general and do help you understand what’s really happening to your audio as it goes through the encoding process.


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