Olympus LS-P4

The LS-P4 is one of the first linear PCM recorders worldwide to be compatible with recording in the FLAC format. Achieve nearly perfect 96kHz/24-bit recordings that are better than CD quality – but with file sizes which are up to 30% smaller compared to the PCM WAV format.

Slim and compact device for always taking along: the LS-P4 is a feature-packed high-resolution audio recorder and music player in one. It brings together high sound quality with ultimate ease of use. Clear, dynamic movie sound and music are yours for the taking.

Give audio a leading role and create a blockbuster. Take a look at what great sound – recorded with the LS-P4 – can do for your video. Roll out the red carpet for the LS-P4 and OM-D E-M1 Mark II!

Super compact and lightweight, the LS-P4 is one audio recorder that no videographer should ever be without. Treat your production to Hi-Res sound quality, even when you are on the move.

So small it fits in just one hand, the LS-P4 Hi-Res Audio recorder opens up a huge world of creative sound options. Its many features are like music to the ears of every audio professional.

With the LS-P4 audio recorder attached to a digital camera, like an OM-D, it picks up the sound even more precisely and clearly while you are filming than the camera’s built-in microphone.



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    Olympus LS-P4

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