NTI PostAmp 1-150

The NTI PostAmp 1-150 was especially developed as post amplifier for the DiRaGen 30.This amplifier increases the DiRaGen`s output level for about 30dB from -10dBm to +20dBm (100mW).

This delivers enough power for an optional power amplifier.

Amplifiers for DRM signals need an ultra linear design to avoid compression effects which will degrade the existing Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR). This is guaranteed when the RMS output power level (measured thermically) is about 10-14dB (depending on Crest Factor) below the declared compression point (P-
1dB) for peak envelope power (PEP).

The temperature compensated amplifier is housed in a robust over-sized aluminium cabinet for passive cooling.

Due to the linear design the unit is best suited for all analog and digital modulated signals.


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    NTI PostAmp 1-150


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