m!ka On Air Microphone Arm TV YT3209

Yellowtec’s m!ka On Air Microphone Arm TV is created for video applications. It is developed to be used for TV, vlogs and radio stations who provide video streams of their studio environment. Thanks to the possibility to place the arm completely below the camera’s field of view, faces will be fully visible for your audience and for your interview partner. This makes the m!ka On Air Microphone Arm TV the perfect choice for anyone who is involved in TV, video channels, and visual radio.

Equipped with a bright dual color LED On Air indicator, the aluminum colored On Air Microphone Arm TV is not only adjustable to your microphone’s weight and puts your mic into the perfect position. It also allows users to signalize multiple statuses.

The dual colour on air indicator is characterised as a smaller version of Yellowtec’s litt Signalling Device which is integrated into the corner hinge of the arm. Thus, it provides m!ka On Air Mic Arms with litt’s incomparable and Red Dot Award-winning CleanVision® lighting characteristics. Using the indicator’s respective colours red and white, you can signalise statuses such as On Air or Mic Ready. Just reverse the polarity of the drive voltage and toggle between red and white.

  • Customised design for TV broadcasts and video production
  • Unlimited visibility of the speaker's face
  • Available in one size and two colours (aluminium / black)
  • Choose between the standard and On Air version with dual colour indicator
  • Sturdy aluminium tube construction
  • Durable, silk-mat anodised finish
  • Interior coil spring system
  • Supports microphones weighing up to 2kg
  • Adjustable friction joints
  • Wiring concealed by tubes and joints
  • Open-ended cable tails
  • Various mounting possibilities
  • Fully compatible with m!ka System
  • Renowned German craftsmanship and superior quality

   Maximum range: 78.7 cm / 31”

   Maximum mic weight: 2kg / 4.5lbs

   Weight: 1.05kg (2.31lbs) net / 1.5kg (3.31lbs) gr


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    m!ka On Air Microphone Arm TV YT3209


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