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    MicroGen TS9085/65
    FM Modulation and AF Spectrum Analyser
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    Product Description

    The TS9085 and TS9065, FM Modulation and AF Spectrum Analysers, have been designed for precision monitoring of FM Radio Broadcasts. Connected to a standard Windows PC, via a USB port, their user friendly interface displays all modulation data on screen for analysis.

    Audio outputs are provided for high quality headphone or loudspeaker monitoring, with full RDS decoding available, with live ‘off-air’ data recording. Extensive automatic logging of broadcast data with the included iLog software. Remote control is possible with simple text file commands allowing the unit to be controlled from 3rd party software applications.

    Unique to this class of product is a FFT Spectrum Analyser for precise audio analysis.


    With the introduction of V5.00, the iLog software now includes GPS decoding to the NMEA global standard. It will automatically scan the PC for any connected GPS NMEA compliant devices. Google Earth .kml files are generated for GPS tagged field measurement. The TS9085G and TS9065G units are supplied with their own USB GPS receiver module.

    The enclosure is a custom designed dual-chamber aluminium extrusion, providing excellent screening between the analogue and digital circuitry and providing a extremely robust case for field use.

    This combination provides broadcast engineers, whether working on-site or as a mobile unit, with a competitively priced instrument, compatible for use around the world.


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