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    Marian SERAPH A3 MWX

    PCIe Audio Interface

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    SERAPH A3 MWX – A new level of recording performance

    The central of a modern professional recording studio has been created. Powered by the “BEAST” inside, the SERAPH A3 MWX offers a full-range MIDI controllable DSP mixing desk with 5 pre/post aux-sums, up to 4 great sounding analog-feel EQs in every channel and a super-flexible routing – virtually latency-free and all without putting additional processing load on your CPU.

    With 3 ADAT I/O and the TDM SyncBus used simultaneously to record AND playback all in all 64 channels, this sound system has clearly been designed for people confronted with big tasks. Even in S/MUX mode, allowing to record and playback 12 signals each at 96kHz, it still offers the same amazing amount of 64 mixer channels and the same amount EQ processing power.

    Using the modern and super fast PCIe interface along with customized transfer functions, specifically designed and optimized for high quality and high speed audio transfer, the SERAPH A3 MWX will turn any computer into a truly professional and versatile recording system …. And into much more…

    • 3 ADAT Inputs (24 Channels)
    • switchable Input SRCs with 140 dB dynamic range
    • “Beast” DSP powered
    • 96 kHz S/MUX Support
    • Multi-Card Support
    • TDM SyncBus


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