• Whole town SFN fill-ins
  • Major networks and small-scale DAB
  • No telecoms costs
  • SFN or mutli-frequency networks

The TX-DAB OCR series of echo-cancelling repeater transmitters provide a complete and highly reliable SFN DAB re-broadcast solution in one product.

Ideal not only for gap-filling and network densification, the TX-DAB OCR range can also be used for repairing coverage deficiencies caused by ACI (Adjacent Channel Interference) and improving in-building coverage. In fact, it can replace a conventional DAB transmitter in many applications.

The integrated receiver and transmitter architecture increases reliability, reduces maintenance, and requires just 3U of rack space.

  • Intelligent feedback stability
  • LDMOS power amplifiers
  • Pre-correction
  • Compact 3U integrated design
  • Front panel LCD
  • PC GUI-based control and monitoring
  • State of the art DSP echo-cancelling techniques


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