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    Label 4-Bay System
    Omni-Directional - 6dB Gain

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    Product Description

    The Label series of dipoles are designed as an economical antenna system for medium power FM broadcast stations. They are available in three configurations – single dipole and two or four dipole stacked arrays.

    Construction is from heavy extruded aluminium tube with a rugged cast aluminium centre clamp. This clamp is then attached to the boom with three radial bolts to provide a reliable connection. All hardware is stainless steel. To increase the corrosion resistance, the aluminium element and boom are silver anodised.

    Each Dipole is fitted with a low loss connector (N, 7/16 or 7/8 EIA depending on power handling specified).

    By adjusting the spacing from the steel supporting mast or reflective supporting structure, an offset radiation pattern is achieved providing more gain in the favored direction.  Down-tilt can also be provided.

    We can advise you regarding the optimum system design for your station

    • Excellent Performance for Stereo and SCA Operation
    • Excellent VSWR Bandwidth
    • Rugged Mechanical Construction and Mounting
    • Vertically or Horizontally Polarized
    • Frequency Range 88-108 MHz
    • Factory Tuned on a Similar Mounting Structure
    • DC Grounded at Every Bay for Maximum Lightning Protection
    Model 1-Bay 4-Bay 8-Bay
    Number of Dipoles: 1 4 8
    Frequency Range (MHz): 88-108
    Bandwidth at -20dB: 10MHz
    Polarisation: Vertical
    Omnidirectional Gain (dBd): 0 5 8
    Gain with Offset (dBd): 3 6 9
    Half Power Beamwidth E Plane (Deg): N/A 27 13
    Input Impedance (Ohms): 50
    Return Loss (dB & VSWR):  <-20dB 1.2:1
    Maximum Power (W) input (N-type) 600 2.4kW 4.8kW
    Cable Type: Andrew LDF4-50, LDF5-50, LDF7-50
    Connector Type: N, 7/16DIN or EIA 7/8
    Dipole Length (m): 1.5
    Boom Length (m): 1.5
    Boom Diameter (mm): 48
    Projected Area (m2): 0.145 0.29 0.58
    Wind Loading at 150 km/h (N): 160 320 640
    Weight (kg): 4.3 8.8 17.6

    Label 4-Bay Antenna Brochure

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