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    JK Audio Daptor Three


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    Daptor Three is a simple, professional audio interface using Bluetooth Wireless Technology. Like its predecessor Daptor Two, this new version allows balanced and unbalanced connections to your cell phone. While Daptor Two uses the wired headset headset jack, Daptor Three connects to your cell phone like any other Bluetooth enabled headset. It will also connect to any other product, such as a laptop, that allows a wireless headset connection.

    Daptor Three now functions as either a Master or Headset device. In Master mode, Daptor Three connects to headsets or headset type devices, transmitting A2DP audio, or initiating a 2-way voice band connection to a headset. In Headset mode, Daptor Three connects to wireless phones, computers, or Bluetooth dongles, receiving A2DP audio or a 2-way Hands Free connection.

    JK Audio products are built to the tough standards of the broadcast industry. Using a diecast aluminum enclosure and rugged components throughout, Daptor Three is built to take real world abuse.  This over-engineering allows us to offer a two year warranty on all JK Audio products.


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