Italtelec ITC 001ISM

This RF power generator is designed for ISM application, suitable for standalone amplifier as well as a driver of high power solid state generator. The amplifier section is equipped with the latest and most reliable LDMOS device, to ensure high efficiency, high gain with relevant ruggedness. It is based on printed microstrip technology, to ensure low phase and gain spread unit to unit. RF signal generation is composed by a very stable PLL, operating frequency is selectable by serial interface. This generator can be used in PWM mode or frequency agility mode.

  • Industrial Heating
  • Plasma Generator
  • Medical
  • Microwave Furnaces
  • Particle Accelerators
  • RF Lighting
  • Microbiological Testing
  • Wideband data transmission system

Technical Specifications

Frequency Range:2425 ÷ 2475MHz
Frequency step:0.1MHz
Output Power:10W
Power Regulation:0-10W
Supply Voltage:+30Vdc
Efficiency:≥ 10%
Output Matching:≥12dB
Load Mismatch:10:1 full phase
Phase Noise:-50dBc/Hz
Frequency Stability:10ppM


Dimensions (LxWxH):105 mm x 80 mm x 30 mm
(4.133" x 3.149" x 1.181")
RF Out connection:Solder tab, N connector on request
DC feed connection:Solder Tab


Operating temperature:0-70 °C (carrier temperature)
Storage temperature:-20 + 80°C (ambient temperature)
Humidity:up to 90% no condensing


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    Italtelec ITC 001ISM


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