Inovonics Novia 236

The Inovonics NOVIA 236 is expressly tailored for medium-wave monaural AM broadcasting. It combines the functions of slow, ‘gain-riding’ AGC, ‘syllabic’ consistency leveling, 4 stages of parametric EQ, 3 bands of dynamic range compression with variable crossovers, ‘brick wall’ bandwidth restriction and a final no-splatter peak controller that supports asymmetrical carrier modulation. In addition to quick and easy frontpanel setup, the IP interface allows 2-way program streaming, plus total remote control of the NOVIA 236 using any PC or mobile device. SNMP operation is supported. Program audio failure alarms trigger local tally closures and instantly dispatch SMS/email notifications to selected personnel. Alarms are also logged for later analysis. Setup and operation are simplified with 10 factory and 10 user-defined processing presets.

The NOVIA 236 accepts both program line and streaming inputs and allows remote IP audio monitoring.

The 236’s Web interface will allow complete setup and control of the unit from your PC, tablet or smartphone.

  • Gated and ‘windowed’ gain-riding AGC
  • Unique, adjustable ‘syllabic leveling’
  • 3 bands of dynamic compression with selectable crossovers
  • 4 sections of parametric EQ plus an effective ‘Bass Punch’ feature
  • Independent ‘Density’ and ‘Smooth/Loud’ adjustments
  • GPIOs, Web/email/SNMP for controls and alarms
  • Built-in real time clock and headphone jack
  • Analog, AES-digital, streaming in/outs
  • Selectable US and international cutoff filters
  • A great ‘utility’ processor; ideal ahead of STLs/codecs
  • Full function 'responsive' Web interface works on desktop and mobile devices


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    Inovonics Novia 236


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