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    Inovonics 525N

    AM Modulation Monitor & Reference Receiver

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    2,036.00 1,934.00
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    2,036.00 1,934.00
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    The Model 525N is our second-generation AM Mod-Monitor. It was specifically developed to give accurate AM readings with Hybrid Digital (IBOC) transmissions. The 525N is menu-driven with a peak-hold LCD display showing simultaneous positive and negative modulation, incoming RF level and asynchronous noise. Measurement bandwidth extends to more than 10kHz, but a programmable low-pass audio filter can simulate the response of consumer radios or the effects of transmission bandwidth constraints. The 525N is supplied with an outdoor large aperture loop antenna.

    • Accurate, simultaneous display of positive and negative peak modulation with Peak Density histogram
    • Absolute-limit and user-programmable Peak Flashers
    • Calibrated RSSI signal strength display and asynchronous noise readout
    • Alarms for Low Signal, Audio Loss and Overmodulation with panel indicators and ‘tally’ closures
    • Full Web interface gives total remote control of all setup parameters, metering, alarms with logging, and streamed audio monitoring


    • 5 Station Presets
    • 10kHz/9kHz channel spacing
    • Balanced audio output
    • Supplied with out- door passive AM Loop Antenna
    • Headphone jack
    • Receiver Topology:Single-conversion superheterodyne; 300kHz IF; phase-locked I/Q synchronous detector.
    • RF Inputs:The 75-ohm (F) antenna input connects to the supplied broadband passive AM Loop Antenna. Cable is not included, but up to 100 feet of general-purpose RG-6 CATV coax may be used. A short wire antenna may prove adequate in high-signal areas that suffer minimal interference. A 50-ohm (BNC) high-level input accepts a direct RF sample between 1V and 7V r.m.s. / 3V–20V p-p.
    • Tuning Range: Tunable via the front-panel menu or the Web interface:520kHz to 1720kHz in 10kHz steps
    • 522kHz to 1719kHz in 9kHz steps Five station-memory pushbutton/Web presets are provided.
    • Measurement Bandwidth:Carrier amplitude demodulation extends to 10kHz, ±0.2dB. Measurement is not affected by the user-selectable audio cutoff.
    • Audio Response:User-selectable “FLAT” response, or restricted in programmable 1kHz steps between 10kHz and 2kHz.
    • De-Emphasis:A menu command switches-in the NRSC ‘truncated’ 75μs de-emphasis characteristic to the program audio outputs with any restricted audio bandwidth selection.
    • Audio Distortion:Typically 0.15% THD at 50% carrier modulation; <0.5% at 99% modulation.
    • Modulation Display:The peak-responding front-panel bargraph readout shows positive and negative modulation peaks simultaneously, with extended persistence of the most recent highest peak value. Measurement resolution is 1% between 50% and 100% (negative) and 50% and 140% (positive) modulation, and 2% between 20% and 50% modulation.
    • RSSI and Noise Display:The Modulation Display may be switched to show the dBuV level of the incoming carrier (RSSI) and a relative measurement of asynchronous noise.
    • Peak Flashers:Absolute-limit flashers are factory-calibrated at –100% and +125% carrier modulation.
    • A second set of flashers may be programmed by the user to values between –70% and –100%, and +70% and +140%.
    • Program Audio Outputs:The active-balanced, rear-panel program audio output (XLR) delivers +4dBu from a 200-ohm resistive source.
    • Front-panel headphone jack (¼-inch, TRS).
    • Alarms:Open-collector NPN transistor outputs (screw-terminal block) for low signal, program audio loss and overmodulation. Closure polarity is programmable.
    • Connection:RJ45 jack for remote setup and operation via TCP/IP; DHCP or Static IP with local or remote selection
    • Remote Monitoring:Remote Web-based monitoring of off-air audio.
    • Network:Comprehensive network configuration utility including dynamic DNS and full SNMP support with downloadable MIB file.
    • Alerts:Supports email and text message services with or without SSL
    • Power Requirements:105–130VAC (0.250A Fuse) 210–255VAC (0.125A Fuse), 50/60Hz; 10W..
    • Size and Weight:1¾”H x 19”W x 7”D (1U); 9 lbs. (shipping).
    • Peak Flashers: Environmental:0°C – 50°C operating temperature range; 95% non-condensing relative humidity; up to 3000 meters AMSL.

    Inovonics 525N Datasheet


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