Glensound GS-TBP001A

This small unit (102 x 132 x 77mm) (w x d x h) is powered from an external PSU. It is designed to add talkback to a headphone feed.

The Glensound GS-TBP001A has a stereo headphone input (from the headphone output of another piece of equipment), a stereo headphone output that is the input with the addition of talkback from the front panel mic. It also has a front panel ‘listen’ jack that is wired straight to the stereo headphone input.

The front panel mic has an adjustable gain control and a lever key push to talk switch.

  • Adds talkback in line from a headphone output
  • Also adds a local headphone output
  • Available as GS-TB001 with 6.35mm sockets
  • Available as GS-TB001A with XLR connectors


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