Glensound GS-HA009

This unit has been designed by popular request.

The GS-HA009 is suitable for driving a wide range of impedance headphones and earpices from 8 to 2000 Ohms.

It has a small inbuilt loudspeaker which can be used for simple monitoring and is disconnected when a headphone jack is inserted.

The GS-HA009 is a mono headphone amplifier capable of driving both mono & stereo headphones & earpieces. A limiter is built in to protect the user from a sudden loud input level. The limiter can be switched into & out of the circuit.

The audio input is balanced on an XLR (a loop through XLR is provided for daisy chaining several devices together). A 20dB gain switch is provided to boost the input level if required.

The design of the GS-HA009 is very low current and as such it provides a very long battery life.

  • Mono headphone amp
  • Drives mono and stereo headphone/earpieces
  • Drives headphones and earpieces from 8 to 2000 Ohms
  • Inbuilt loudspeaker
  • Inbuilt limiter
  • Balanced XLR input
  • Loop through on XLR
  • Long battery life


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    Glensound GS-HA009


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