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    Glensound GS-1U028B

    High Quality 10 Channel Line Ident

    TRU Price Guarantee

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    3,212.00 2,891.00
    3,212.00 2,891.00
    List Price: 3,212.00 2,891.00
    3,212.00 2,891.00
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    2-Year Warranty


    The GS-1U028B unit is designed to provide a continuously repeated short message followed by line up tone to identify programme lines. Each channel can record up to 16 seconds of speech. If less than 16 seconds are recorded the remaining time is filled with line up tone at 1kHz. The recorded messages are stored in a non-volatile memory so are remembered even in the absence of power. An inbuilt microphone with compressor and limiter makes it very easy to record messages. Each channel has a front panel switch for record or playback. Output level is nominal zero level programme with the tone level set to 0dBu into a bridging load. Outputs on these 1U units appear on front panel bantam jacks in parallel with a rear panel varicon and are transformer coupled. A second varicon is provided to allow remote control of the record and playback functions. Provision is also made on the 1U units to use an external zero level recording source in addition to the front panel microphone.

    • 10 individual channels of line idents
    • Up to 16 seconds of ident per channel
    • Record using front panel mic or external input
    • Can also add 1kHz tone
    Nominal Output level (Ident): 0dBu
    Output Level (Tone): 0dBu
    Output type: Transformer balanced
    Output Impedance: Output connector (Rear): 38 way Varicon (Edac) plug
    Output connector (Front): Metal Bantam Jack socket
    Remote Start Loop inputs: On 38 way Varicon (Edac) socket
    External Line level input impedance: >56K
    External Line level connector: Front panel Metal Banatam Jack socket
    Size: 19″ 1RU 231mm deep (excluding connectors)
    Weight: 2.34 Kg
    Mains Voltage: 100 – 250 VAC
    Power Consumption: 2.5 Watts


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