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Elenos Echos 3

Remote Control Unit

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Echos 3 is a simple and effective remote control unit, which allows connectivity of ELENOS transmitters and environmental sensors, for remote monitoring and control by the operator.
Echos 3 Telemetry by Elenos is a remote command system and a remote control system that allows you to monitor up to 8 analog and 8 digital signals with the use relay contacts.

The inputs and outputs are easily programmable, by setting the means and the desired management protocols via a PC connection. Echos 3 is useful for accessing the main operating parameters of the transmitter as well as other parameters which can be monitored using relays.

It is possible to monitor and analyze the details of voltage, current, temperature, power, efficiency, and to send commands and change the status of operation via Hyperterminal.

It is also possible to analyze the status of analog and digital inputs, from the transmitters or from other sensors present at the station site.

Echos 3 can send and receive SMS, through which it is possible to analyze the main operating data of the transmitters and to provide remote control. In the default power failure mode, Echos 3 is able to send an SMS alert.

highlights_011 Broad spectrum of data to be analyzed in “transparent” mode.
sms Sending of SMS alert in the case of power failure.
highlights_010 “TERM” application software for most immediate usage.
highlights_003 Easy installation and set up.


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