Eddystone XA1000

The XA1000 is a very high specification FM power amplifier that uses the latest design and construction techniques. It provides high performance, excellent control and monitoring and maintenance free use in only 3U and 23kg weight. The XA1000 is a wideband design requiring no tuning and offers very easy installation. In common with EBL’s entire power amplifier range the XA1000 uses EBL’s world renowned heat dissipating “fresh-air-tunnel” concept with dual fans. The fans provide cooling to the specially designed heat sink with a stream of air that needs no filtering saving on routine filter replacements. Minimal active components are in the air flow thus keeping sensitive areas free from dust and contaminants. For the harshest of environments that demand additional air filtering, clip on filter kits are available that attach to the exterior of the PSU and RF sections of the XA1000.

The XA1000 employs 2 hot pluggable front panel high specification switching type power supplies. These telecoms grade units with a proven track record of high reliability in harsh and hostile areas. The XA1000 front panel LCD display shows forward and reflected power together with internal voltages, and temperature’s. Quick view LED’s show advanced status information including CPU ok, system normal and external mute. The rear panel includes a remote control/monitoring socket that allows carrier muting and status signalling to an external system, additionally data sockets are provided for use with systems that have the ability to control exciters via RS232 or TCP/IP. Very conservatively rated components with switch mode power supplies are used to ensure extremely high reliability and to give good efficiency.

  • Frequency Range:87.5 to 108MHz
  • RF Interfaces:50 nominal. Input N type (f), Output 7/8″ EIA or 7/16 DIN (f), Monitor BNC socket.
  • Power output:250W to 1kW (adjustable)
  • Input drive level:RF Input from Exciter/Drive supplied:- 15 -20W (25W absolute maximum)
  • Output Power Variation:Not more than ±0.5dB under all specified operating conditions
  • Spurious emissions:> -76dBc (9kHz to 1GHz)
  • Power supply (AC):110 – 260v, 47 – 63Hz
  • Temperature (operating):0 to 45°C
  • Humidity (operating):95% RH, non condensing
  • Dimensions:3U with 570mm intrusion to rack (exc.RF output connector)
  • Weight:Approx 23kg
  • Warranty:5 Years


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    Eddystone XA1000


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