D&R On-Air Light

The D&R On-Air Light is a perfect matching ON-AIR light for all BROADCAST mixers. You can of course use the unit too for other brands. We call it ON-AIR Lamp but actually there is no lamp inside anymore, just everlasting high intensity red leds. The unit is powered by a 12 volt DC 1 Amp external power supply. And what’s more… no hassle with how do I connect this thing to my AIRMATE-USB/AIRENCEUSB/AIRLAB or AXUM. No complicated high voltage AC switching with external relays etc. etc. What you only need is one stereo cable (wired tip/ring) coming from the MIC-ON connector on the back of the AIRMATE/AIRENCE/AIRLAB console that goes directly hardwired to a barrier strip inside the ON-AIR LIGHT. How easy is this for a change. The power adapter (included in the delivery) will also be directly wired to the barrier strip inside the unit.

Low current LED strip fed by external Power Adapter. Directly controllable from any mixer without extra relays and mains power


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    D&R On-Air Light


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