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Digigram VX-IP LW881e

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Digigram VX-IP LW soundcards are the perfect bridges between Radio Automation and Axia LivewireTM networking audi systems.

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Digigram VX-IP LW soundcards are the perfect bridges between Radio Automation and Axia LivewireTM networking audi systems.

When connecting your Radio Automation System to an Axia® console, a delicated hardware soundcard such as VX-IP LW is a must for mission critical low latency audio delivery and instant fader start !

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<div><strong>Key features:</strong></div>
<li>14 to 16 Livewire<sup>TM</sup> channels</li>
<li>5/5 physical GPIOs port, compatible with Axia<sup>®</sup> GPIO node pinout</li>
<li>"Live" and "standard" Livewire<sup>TM</sup> stream mode support</li>
<li>Performance and stability independent of application and OS CPU use</li>
<li>Card discovered as a Livewire<sup>TM</sup> node in Axia<sup>®</sup> network</li>
<li>Management of virtual GPIOs on Livewire<sup>TM</sup> network</li>
<li>Initialisation and management from Axia<sup>®</sup> Pathfinder Management System</li>
<li>Full compatibility with Windows drivers</li>
<li>Premium Digigram hardware reliability</li>


<li dir="ltr"><span>PCI express connectivity</span></li>
<li dir="ltr"><span>Ultra-low latency (ASIO 5 mS, WASAPI 10 mS)</span></li>
<li dir="ltr"><span>14 to 16 channels :</span>
<div> </div>
<li dir="ltr"><span>VX-IP LW1221e: 12 Outputs + 2 Inputs (mono)</span></li>
<li dir="ltr"><span>VX-IP LW881e: 8 Inputs + 8 Outputs (mono)</span></li>
<li dir="ltr"><span>Seen as a Livewire® node from Axia® network</span></li>
<li dir="ltr"><span>5/5 physical GPIOs, compatible with AXIA® GPIO node</span></li>
<li dir="ltr"><span>Management of virtual GPIOs on Livewire® network</span></li>
<li dir="ltr"><span>Initialisation and management from Pathfinder® Management System</span></li>
<li dir="ltr"><span>Clock precision from Livewire® network</span></li>
<li dir="ltr"><span>DSP-based</span></li>
<li dir="ltr"><span>Full compatibility with Windows and Digigram np drivers</span></li>
<li dir="ltr"><span>On-board linear processing with Digigram np SDK:</span>
<div> </div>
<li dir="ltr"><span>PCM Mixing, </span></li>
<li dir="ltr"><span>Fade-in / Fade-out, </span></li>
<li dir="ltr"><span>Maximizer, </span></li>
<li dir="ltr"><span>3 band param EQ, </span></li>
<li dir="ltr"><span>Scrubbing, </span></li>
<li dir="ltr"><span>Playback frequency conversion.</span></li>

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