Digigram Q-MIC

You are a reporter in an ultra mobility situation and you want to produce and send perfect audio to your studio. Thanks to Digigram’s IQOYA *MOBILE and Q-Mic, you can now deliver professional-grade full duplex live contributions to a newsroom or a production studio using smartphones and tablets.

At a glance

  • Professional grade design
  • Low noise and high input gain
  • Its extremely low power consumption enables long recording sessions and uninterrupted On Air interviews.


  • Ensure professional quality interviews: Designed for your favorite cardioid dynamic Mic
  • Record anytime, anywhere: No battery, ultra-low power consumption
  • A pocket toolbox: 2 Mic levels + Line stereo-to-Mono
  • Secure your interviews: Ruggedized casing and connectors
  • Ultra-light (less than 75g) and ruggedized cast casing, built exclusively with professional components
  • Large adjustable gain (up to +24 dB) to provide the high quality boost on smartphone inputs requested by professional dynamic microphones
  • No battery: the preamp power supply (500 µA) is provided by microphone polarization voltage
  • Balanced XLR microphone input
  • Stereo-to-Mono Line input
  • Headphone monitoring
  • Compatible with smartphones and tablets using CTIA handset plug, particularly Apple iPhones and tablets
  • Option: label customization to Broadcaster’s or Talents logo


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    Digigram Q-MIC


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