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DEVA Broadcast DB7022

Dual FM/DAB/DAB+ Monitoring Receiver

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DEVA Broadcast DB7022

The DB7022 – Dual Diversity DAB/DAB+ Monitoring Receiver is a next-generation tool. This device takes signal monitoring to another level of accuracy and dependability. It fully meets the Digital Audio Broadcasting standard. And also offers a combination of features that place it in a class of its own in terms of performance and quality. Most notably, it provides diversity reception. This ensures a constant signal without interruptions.

Dedicated to bringing customers upgraded and multi-functional solutions, the team of DEVA Broadcast has created a dual monitoring receiver that supports AAC, AAC+, MP3 and RTP, as well as Program Associated Data (PAD). It boasts high-end digital DSP-based tuners and the ability to send out notifications in case of audio loss. Compatibility with the most popular media platforms like Icecast and Shoutcast is a matter of course for this type of DEVA product, as is the easy control and programming of the unit.

The so-called “diversity reception” provides an important advantage as it solves the problem of poor signal or signal loss. Fully compliant with the ETSI EN 300 401 DAB standard, the DB7022 is an advanced tool that provides reliable monitoring at an affordable price.


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  • FM Radio/DAB/DAB+ compliant receiver
  • Support for Program Associated Data (PAD)
  • Predefined DAB channels scan or manual tune
  • Detailed DAB component information
  • FM Band 87.1 – 107.9 MHz DSP-based Tuner
  • Up to 110 dBµV direct RF Antenna Input
  • Selectable wide range IF filter bandwidth
  • Selectable De-emphasis – 50µs and 75µs
  • RDS and RBDS decoder with BER meter
  • Quick Station access via 4 Presets
  • High-end digital tuner
  • Wide angle, easy to read OLED display
  • Very Intuitive Navigational Menu
  • Real Time Audio Program Streaming
  • Built-in easy to use WEB and FTP server
  • Apple and Android devices support
  • Wide operating voltage range: 100-240V AC
  • Bright bar graph LED metering of the RF and Audio Levels
  • Headphone output with front panel level control
  • SNTP for automatic synchronization of the built-in clock
  • Level Adjustable, Balanced Analog Audio Outputs on XLR Connectors
  • Professional AES/EBU Digital audio output
  • LAN port for full TCP/IP remote control and monitoring
  • Adjustable MIN/MAX alarms for RF, Left & Right Audio Levels
  • Alarm dispatch via E-mail, SNMP ver.2C and GPO
  • Firmware updates will ensure improved operation



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