DEVA Broadcast DB64-FM

4-Band Broadcast Audio Processor

DB64-FM 4-Band Broadcast Audio Processor

The DB64-FM is the ultimate audio processing solution offered by DEVA. It brings to you unheard-of balance between quality and price. The device guarantees perfect clarity of sound. There are multitudes of features unrivaled in its class. Obviously, the equipment keeps up with the other members of DEVA’s audio processors family. The device is an outstanding blend between dependability and functionality. It possesses some exciting parameters that contribute to its top performance such as the all-digital DSP-based design, the 4-band processor and the advanced wide band AGC.

Benefits of DB64

The DB64-FM device is appropriate for all LPFMs. In addition, it features a 4-band processor with Fidelity and Sound Impact System. In effect, it makes no compromises with sound quality. Among its wide variety of features are the FM controlled distortion limiter, the analog and digital audio outputs, and two independent composite MPX outputs. Moreover, it possesses the ability to detect signal loss and switch over to a backup source. This is a fantastic feature. It sends an automatic notifications on input or preset change via email or SNMP.

The DB64-FM is a one-of-a-kind device that has never before been introduced to the broadcasting market. However, it is a tool with an impressive all-round performance. This provides the ultimate combination of features at a sensational price. Although, this high quality is impressively affordable, it has never been this cheap.



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