The Lyra is a fully digital desktop production mixer. Its concept originates from heavy investigations among end users and distributors looking for a versatile compact small universal desktop mixer.

The core of the Lyra is a sophisticated DSP engine. This processing engine involves the latest developments in DSP technology by Texas Instruments.

An intense cooperation between T.I. and D&R has resulted in a digital audio mixer offering tremendous DSP power and a superb sonic quality.

Although the Lyra is a digital console, it is operated with the same comfort as a conventional analog production mixer.

No fundamental concessions have been made towards reliability, high speed controller-response and system stability.

Apart from that there is the unique capability to control Lyra’s functions over the Internet

  • Digital Desktop mixer
  • Reporter desk for standalone and/or network applications
  • Small edit suites
  • Remote controllable audio work places via Internet/Ethernet/CobraNet
  • Mobile applications
  • Two fader remotes available (4 or 8 faders in one remote unit)
  • 6x stereo Dig inputs (AES3)
  • 1x stereo dig input (s/p-dif optical or coax)
  • 6x stereo balanced line inputs
  • 1x stereo unbalanced line input
  • 4x balanced mic inputs + Inserts
  • 6x stereo digital outputs AES3
  • 1x stereo digital output s/p-dif optical + coax
  • 1x stereo Program analog
  • 1x stereo SUB analog
  • 1x stereo CUE analog
  • 1x stereo AUX analog
  • 1x stereo CRM analog
  • 2x stereo PHONES analog


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3,695.00 3,510.00
1,975.00 1,876.00
1,320.00 1,254.00
855.00 812.00
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