AIRCAST is a light-weight, full-featured radio automation system for Microsoft Windows. It is targeted at small and medium-sized stations and for both terrestrial and Internet-based broadcast.


  • Playlist, Cartwall, Cue Editor, Mix Editor, events, screen objects, file logging
  • Stream/line-in playback, special playlist items, layout/skin, HTTP/SQL logging
  • Voice tracking, mixdown, scripting
  • Built-in Shoutcast/Icecast compatible streaming encoder
  • VST, Winamp DSP
  • Database and Scheduling (standalone/local mode), music scheduling
  • Ad scheduler, log import from 3rd party music/traffic schedulers, voice tracking.
  • Use one STD-DB license as the “server” (and playout) and multiple STD (non-DB) or VT license as the clients.
  • Hotkeys, gamepad/joystick, IO-Warrior, MIDI, Vellema.
  • Remote Control for D&R products such as D&R WEBSTATION, AIRLITE, AIRENCE, AIRLAB DT, AXUM, AXITE.
  • Remote Control  for digital Broadcast Mixers  - MambaNet only


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