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Conex FJ-700

Four Channel Cell Phone Mixer
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For recording, or any remote application, with features specifically designed for remote broadcasts via cell phones.
  • Four Channel Mixer. Each input channel has switch selectable mic or line level input.
  • Each mixer input has balanced XLR connector and 1/4″ unbalanced input for stereo or mono source.
  • Easy-access battery compartment for 3AA batteries and jack for external power.
  • Works with most cell phones or with a land line phone.
  • Separate adjustments for Cell and Land line send and receive levels – Set once and forget.
  • Four separate 1/4″ headphone channels with separate volume controls.
  • Separate source selection switches for “Host” headphone and for the three “Guest” headphones. Switches allow monitoring phone send and/or receive and external audio such as off-air receiver. Host channel can also be used as a cue channel for 2 of the inputs.
  • Extra rugged metal package with “drop” protection for the switches and knobs.
  • Separate line output jack to feed recorders, etc. Output is switch-selectable to feed the main mixer output, or the phone receive signal.
  • Internal side-tone level adjustment for cell phones that do not provide side tone (so speaker can hear himself in the headphones).
  • Compact – 7.2″ x 5.2″ x 1.9″
  • LED level meter, with low battery indicator.

FJ-700 Brochure


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