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Complete 100W Digital TV Transmitter Package

Transmitter + Antennas + Cable
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Configured by TRU and manufactured by RVR in Italy this digital, multi-standard TV transmission package is suitable for use in all countries across all technical standards. It offers a ready to install digital TV system comprising multi-standard digital television transmitter, a single bay, high-gain omni-directional antenna system comprising of four panel antennas with power divider 20 metres of low loss feeder cable with all connectors pre-fitted. (A longer length feeder cable can be supplied upon request). This system can be installed by any competent engineer in as little as one day.

RVR offers some of the very best quality, highest performance television transmitters with their Blue Digital model range, providing cutting-edge technology on all the product range. Our 40 years of experience combined with the know-how of RVR engineers ensure you high performance, fully compatible with digital and analog TV standards, satisfying the international clients.

• BLUE DIGITAL supports DVB-T/H or ATSC (8VSB) full mode implementation. The version may change depending upon demand.

• Very high modulation performance (MER, signal stability, shoulder level, low phase noise).

• MFN and SFN operation.

• Powerful Linear and Non-linear digital pre-correction.

• Configuration software offers a simple, intuitive JAVA Graphic User Interface by USB connection.

• Pressure encoder provides great accessibility for user/device interaction, resulting in extreme ease of use.

• Total control thanks to microprocessor easily programmed from menu or via RS232 with all key parameters displayed on a wide-screen LCD.

• Expansion slots to increase equipment potentiality: up to 2 Slot to add ASI inputs and 4 Slot to add Euro Cards like Pre-driver or Driver options.

• TCP/IP and SNMP are available for optional telemetry control.

• Built-in GPS Receiver, optionally available.

• Compact and rugged, stainless steel chassis, in 2 rack units only.

RVR Blue Digital Video


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