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    BW Broadcast RCI

    Remote Control Interface

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    219.00 212.00
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    219.00 212.00
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    The RCI expands the capabilities of BW Broadcast transmitters and amplifiers by providing access to all inputs and outputs on terminal blocks. The unit connects to transmitters using standard RS232 serial cables. This permits the interface of any BW Broadcast transmitter or amplifier with a 3rd party remote monitoring solution.

    Using an RCI you can now monitor certain parameters such as such as PA temperature and peak modulation as analogue voltages. Remote control of parameters such as power and RF mute are also now possible using contact closures. This allows the available parameters to be adjusted with any 3rd party control system.

    The BW Broadcast RCI has the flexibility to be calibrated to work with a variety of remote monitoring and control systems. The unit has been designed considering compatibility with future or custom systems.

    Low power consumption of the unit allows it to work without the need of an additional power supply and can draw power from the transmitter


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